How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Milan: menus and prices

How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Milan: menus and prices
How much does it cost to eat at Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Milan: menus and prices

The restaurant opened by chef Alessandro Borghese in Milan, near the Citylife skyscrapers, is called “The luxury of simplicity”. Borghese is one of the best-known faces on television and many are wondering how much it can cost to eat in his restaurant. So here is the complete menu with all prices.

His face and his voice are now unmistakable. Let’s talk about Alessandro Borghese, one of the most “televised” chefs in circulation today, host of the successful “Four restaurants” programs and the most recent “Rich dish”. Since 2017 Borghese, born in 1976 in San Francisco from the relationship between the Neapolitan entrepreneur Luigi Borghese and the actress Barbara Bouchet, has opened his restaurant, “The luxury of simplicity” which is located in viale Belisario 3, near the Citylife skyscrapers. After the forced break due to the lockdown and the Coronavirus emergency, Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant also reopened its doors, albeit with some difficulties: in fact, they did discuss the recent statements by the chef on the shortage of personnel due to the young people who “want guarantees”. Even if it is not a starred restaurant, there are many who want to eat at Borghese’s. But how much does it cost to eat at his place? Is it an experience for everyone?

Menu and prices of Alessandro Borghese’s restaurant in Milan

Below is the à la carte menu of the restaurant “The luxury of simplicity” by Alessandro Borghese in Milan. With a warning: as specified on the restaurant’s website, the menu often varies “based on the availability and seasonality of the raw material”. Before booking and going to eat, therefore, it is always good to check the menu on the site. At the end of each meal, as in Quattro restaurants, you will then receive the famous notebook to judge the experience.

STARTER – Appetizers

  • Po Delta Pink Oysters cooked on the grill with its sauces – 38 euros
  • Astigiana rabbit tuna with sweet and sour seasonal vegetables and mixed salad – 28 euros
  • Supplì on the phone with chicken giblets and sausage, Agerola mozzarella, its paté and aromatic broth – 20 euros
  • Fruit and vegetable tart with creamed ricotta, onion jam and pepper sorbet – 22 euros
  • I found a cuttlefish in Capri (Cuttlefish, fior di latte from Agerola, Tuscan ribbed tomato and basil) – 32 euros


  • “Cacio & Pepe” – my Spaghettone Pasta Armando – 20 euros
  • Tortello Pasta Fresca – the luxury of simplicity robiola di Roccaverano, asparagus and peas – 24 euro
  • Tagliatella Pasta Fresca – the luxury of simplicity with white veal ragout, rosemary extract, creamy butter and parmesan – 28 euro
  • Maltagliati di Primavera with seafood (Fresh Pasta – the luxury of simplicity in anchovy sauce, parsley, lemon and cornetto pepper) – 32 euros


  • Duck breast, marinated in salt and sugar, cooked on the grill, with blackberry sauce and roasted new potatoes – 37 euros
  • Honey glazed carrot, almond ricotta, quinoa chips and passion fruit chutney – 23 euros
  • Beef and pork ribs with grilled plums and wild salad – 33 euros
  • Fillet of croaker with sautéed escarole cream, dark onion and potato chips – 32 euros
  • Grilled octopus with aji amarillo sauce, flat beans, snow peas, apricot and dandelion – 30 euro
  • What a Scallop! (Scallop with pear sauce on cannellini cream, rocket and rye bread) – 35 euros


  • I will appear! (Hazelnut mousse with pear insert and chocolate ganache covered with Rocher glaze with praline hazelnuts, pear aspic, pear gel and frangelico) – 20 euro
  • Tiramisu of the past – 19 euros
  • Aesthetic (Raspberry mousse with speculoos biscuit, white chocolate cream cube and crunchy meringue) – 19 euro
  • Banana Split (Banana tart on a hazelnut shortcrust pastry base, salted and creamy caramel with peanut, with banana ice cream and whipped dark chocolate ganache) – 20 euro
  • Biancomangiare (with coffee insert, almond biscuit, served with brioche bread and coffee granita) – 19 euro
  • Selection of homemade ice creams and sorbets – 13 euros


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