Albe and Serena kiss at Amici, the reaction of Giulia, the singer’s girlfriend

Albe and Serena kiss at Amici, the reaction of Giulia, the singer’s girlfriend
Albe and Serena kiss at Amici, the reaction of Giulia, the singer’s girlfriend

After the episode of Amici on Sunday 24 October, in which the effusions between Serena Carella and Alberto la Malfa, better known as Albe, were shown to the class and the coaches, his ex-girlfriend intervened. The girl, Giulia, posted a story on Instagram in which she explained that she was left by the singer but with reasons far from being interested in the dancer with whom the passion broke out.

In the episode of Amici on Sunday 24 October, there was also talk of the first liaison between the students of the Cinecittà School, that is, the one that sees Albe and Serena as protagonists. The two, in fact, exchanged various effusions inside the house which were also shown to the coaches. However, the singer seems to have hidden the fact that he is already engaged outside the talent, which is why Giulia, his girlfriend had already made his voice heard. After the afternoon appointment of the weekend the girl has finally explained how things really are.

Giulia’s words on Instagram

A first comment from Giulia came when the first advances on Amici’s episodes were released. On that occasion the girl had reminded Alberto of the fact that she was there waiting for him, publishing a photo of them together, which was then immediately deleted. A few days later, then, after confirmation with lots of flirting videos, Giulia returned to talk on Instagram, where she wrote:

I am not used to making this kind of “story” but I have noticed that people (rightly) still do not understand, but saying things that are not true about a situation that is delicate for me. For this reason I realized that it no longer makes sense to be silent and keep the truth just to myself.

The reason with which Alberto left her

According to what Giulia declared, therefore, Alberto would have decided to end their relationship, just a few days before the passion between him and the beautiful dancer broke out. Obviously Giulia reiterates that, unfortunately, she cannot know for sure if the singer’s decision was made before or after having understood to try a transport for her adventure partner, the fact remains that he would have given her another reason:

I was left four days before the anticipations of the kiss with S. came out.I discovered the truth only through the anticipations as Alberto’s motivation was that he wanted to get away to devote himself to his music and that if he had been here with me he would not have never left. I never expected that the real reason wasn’t this. I conclude by saying that I don’t know if the first approaches occurred before or after our breakup, because the daytimes on the air are old. This can only be known by him .. but I am convinced that even if sometimes it is difficult to get out, in the end the truth always comes out.

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