Andrea Nicole and Roberta with …

Andrea Nicole and Roberta with …
Andrea Nicole and Roberta with …

Advances for men and women registration October 24, 2021

Men and women recorded a new episode today, Sunday 24 October 2021, and there are already the first ones advances about what happened in Maria De Filippi’s studio. The important news concerns the fact that there were two very important kisses that were not, however, obscured by the cameras of the Channel 5 program. Andrea Nicole Conte e Ciprian Aftim, the other is the one between Roberta Giusti e Luca Salatino.

He reveals it The Alley of News, citing his “mole”. It is not yet clear if these two kisses will be broadcast in full, but according to the previews they were both beautiful as well as intense. The kiss between Nicole e Cipriani confirms the feeling between the two, but a Men and women in today’s recording of the episode it emerged that the tronista is emotionally more taken by Cipriani that gives Alessandro, on the other hand, he trusts the latter suitor more than the former.

Men and Women previews: Gemma Galgani and Ida Platano …

As for the other tronista of Men and Women, Roberta Giusti, it seemed very taken by the suitor Luca Salatino. But that’s not all advances relating to registration of today. We have to prepare, in fact, for a new show of Tina Cipollari e Gemma Galgani. The latter was discharged by her latest suitor, so the usual skirmishes between the Lady and the columnist have started again.

And if we talk about Gemma Galgani, then we must also talk about her dear friend, Ida Platano. Even for her, things do not seem to be going very well because, according to what was reported by The Alley of News, she was very attached to the studio. The assumption is that acquaintance with Diego Tavani has not been successful. What is known based on the advances that emerged is that Ida Platano has gone out of the studio several times, therefore curiosity is growing to find out what happened.



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