Eternals, here are the fragile (new) superheroes of Marvel. Angelina Jolie: “They are like us”

Between a cycle and recycling the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now in its 26th film, Eternals, the perfect opportunity for a new saga, or a new beginning. Of course, so to speak, because although “new”, the cine-superheroes of this third millennium are all a bit alike. And it’s not enough to hire the director Oscar award e Golden Lion per Nomadland Chloe Zhao, assemble Hollywood stars in an unprecedented assembly, and underline the fragility of modern heroes to give a turning point. People destined for the label of diversity, all defective, totally humoral: after all their names and powers recall the gods that Olympus heart of Western mythology, it is enough to change a few letters or initials and here they are the various Athena, Icarus and co. expertly mixed with Indian, Persian, Far Eastern cousins.

The substance of this big movie of (infinite) 2 hours 37 minutes is exactly the same to which the legendary studio of comics has now accustomed us if not addicted: spectacularity, good vs bad with elements of ambiguity in both, battles, love stories, leaps in space and above all in time. All in the name of politically correct, which has now become an obsession, to put it with the reasons of Tim Burton, even today present (and re-awarded) in the capital.

But quality aside, the blockbuster that will be released for Disney next November 3rd, it was the perfect title to lower the curtain on the 16th Rome Film Festival and the 19th Alice in the City, who together put it on schedule. All the more so when after the screening it was a large part of the main cast who went on stage (Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, the two found half-brothers of Game of Thrones Kit Harrington e Richard Madden) and director Chloé Zhao. Taken by assault by the public and fans as expected, the group of stars said they were proud to participate in a work that puts “diversity as a value” at the center (especially the director who is building her entire cinematographic poetics), but also the very human wounds from which not even the gods are deprived.

Talking about it is above all a very elegant and always seductive Angelina Jolie whose character is the most “mentally damaged” of all. “It’s significant that superheroes are put on with profound problems, including mental ones. You can be strong and powerful but very fragile inside. They are like us “underlined the actress, also reiterating that for her the real heroines of the present” are all the women I met on the front line risking their lives, especially those who work for refugees, an area in which I am involved for years”.

Super-gifted outsiders characterized by immortality, the Eternals are “created” by the Celestials and emerge at the origins of humanity, in a 5000 year BC Mesopotamia, where they find themselves fighting against the Deviants. Our purpose is to defend humans from the destruction that would result from the rebirth of the Celestials themselves. As eternal as vampires, we see them leap from one era to another, from the Amazon rainforest to a Bollywood set, from the natural science museum in London to the South Dakota desert: everything seems to move except them, who remain always the same in the tormented search for a normality that will never be granted to them. After all, you can’t have everything in life, not even in a fantasy film.

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