“Now let’s talk about sex” – Corriere.it

“Now let’s talk about sex” – Corriere.it
“Now let’s talk about sex” – Corriere.it
from Paolo Conti

The 93-year-old presenter on RaiPlay with a new scientific dissemination program, “Superquark +”, dedicated to couple relationships

“A warning. Everything we will say in the episodes applies to the couples
heterosexuals as for those homosexuals. The characteristics of love, therefore the feelings and fears, jealousy, the urge to to live together and to have children, they are the same… ». There from
clarification absolutely and very contemporary level playing field, to put it in television terms, comes from a gentleman that will have 93 years old next December 22, that is Piero Angela. A piece of history of the Italian television who confirms himself convinced experimenter: for the third time he decided to collaborate with RaiPlay, the platform more innovative of the public tv, directed by Elena Capparelli, precisely because it attracts the younger groups About of digital audience which builds itself the own schedule.

From Thursday October 21 are available your RaiPlay exclusive ten new episodes from “Superquark +” for fifteen minutes, dedicated to “The science of love “: attraction, falling in love, choice of partner, health of sex, pleasure, fatherhood, jealousy, the betrayal, the couple’s relationship, why few children? Elena Capparelli talks about «generous e original presence between accurate scientific publication, irony and lightness“. In line with the editorial intentions, each episode will host a short cartoon by Bruno Bozzetto dedicated to the theme, to give a smile and play down a subject, that oflove, protagonist of each human existence. By presenting the program, Piero Angela confirms the premises. Just leave him the word without too many comments.

See his definition of sexual pleasure: “AND honey that evolution has put on the act to ensure reproduction, without that the Earth would be deserted ». Fatherhood: “As the Latins said,mother always sure
… not paternity, his certainty had afundamental importance in the female condition “. As for the interrupted intercourse
to avoid unwanted motherhood, for Angela it is «the reverse, responsible of 20% of pregnancies. The problem is that i Young people today, yes inform on the web, they do not speak with their parents ». There women’s liberation? «A by-product of oil because the possibility of going to school, to go to work has done finish the subjection towards men “.

In conclusion, ask him for advice and maybe you will avoid divorces or disappointments : “The love at first sight it is what it is, the attraction is very strong at the beginning… but how long can it last? Six months? A year or two? The statistics prove that they last longer marriages where yes they share social class, interests, values, tastes “. Here is advice on how to make a relationship last: «The respect, the esteem, the tolerance. And thepay attention to what you say, for this reason many relationships break like breadsticks ». It is also an opportunity to remember his personal falling in love, the one with the wife and companion of a lifetime, Margherita: «She was 18, I was 24, we immediately liked each other at a party. Then I I went to the piano… ». Smile, sweeping gesture of the right arm. Priceless, inimitable Piero Angela.

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