Raimondo Todaro and Franesca Tocca kiss on TV, Valentin Dumitru’s dart arrives

And it was backfire: after the many rumors about a rapprochement that was never really confirmed, Raimondo Todaro and Francesca Tocca made sure that it was a kiss in favor of cameras to prove that yes, they are finally back together. The tender gesture arrived during the episode of Friends, thanks to the intervention of Pio and Amedeo, in the aftermath of Todaro’s words that during the interview with very true he had hinted at the actual rapprochement, but without saying it clearly.

Raimondo Todaro and Franesca Touch together: Valentin Dumitru’s comment

There are many fans happy with the happy ending for the couple who, together for 13 years, had said goodbye in 2020 when a sympathy was born between the dancer and the then student of the talent of Canale 5 Valentin Dumitru. And he, the dancer, spoke on social media a few minutes after the television kiss that confirmed the return of the flame between Todaro and Tocca. No direct mention of the two, but the temporal synchrony let us imagine that the reference was precisely to the couple.

“When you lock a woman inside a ‘gold cage’ using her as a media product for audiences only, you must know that you have not won her heart back, you have only cut off her wings knowing that free and alone she can fly higher than you”, wrote in an Instagram story that certainly does not express joy for the union.


Raimondo Todaro Franesca Tocca kiss Valentin Dumitrus dart arrives

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