Piero Angela’s lesson on homosexuality: “No difference with heterosexuals”

“I make a premise in the first episode and say that we will mainly talk about the man-woman couple but we know that today homosexual couples have finally been able to find a liberation from a terrible repression that has lasted throughout history”, to speak is Piero Angela, guest of the Rai3 program What’s the weather like.

Piero Angela: “With Superquark + I reveal the secrets of love and sex”

by Silvia Fumarola

20 October 2021

In conversation with Fabio Fazio, on the occasion of the broadcast on RaiPlay of the program Superquark + dedicated to couples and love life, the popular 92-year-old popularizer intervened in favor of homosexual unions explaining that “it is an important thing to understand because homosexuality is often seen as a physical relationship, unnatural, in reality homosexual couples do exactly the same path: attraction, falling in love, jealousy, life as a couple, children. They have feelings, loves, passions exactly like heterosexual couples. You have to understand it well “, he added.

The intervention of Piero Angela, engaged in these days in the promotion of the ten lessons of Superquark + dedicated to love and sex, arrives in the same episode in which also the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, hosted by Fabio Fazio, returned to the topic of homotransphobia, explaining that “we have a duty to carry out and to approve the Zan bill and I will soon ask for an exploration with the other political forces to understand if the conditions exist. can lead to a rapid approval of the text “.

Ready the answer of Alessandro Zan, the deputy Pd author of the bill, who on Twitter recalled that “these are decisive days to approve a law against hate crimes. We will do our best, it is a duty of civilization to the country”.

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