Lego, here is Mom’s house I missed the plane with 4 thousand bricks –

Lego, here is Mom’s house I missed the plane with 4 thousand bricks –
Lego, here is Mom’s house I missed the plane with 4 thousand bricks –
from Cecilia Mussi

The house where Kevin McCallister’s adventures take place can now be rebuilt brick by brick. To recreate the atmosphere of the 90s cult film

When on TV it is broadcast Mom I Missed the Plane, 1990 film starring the very young Macaulay Culkin, means that Christmas is near. Each year the film grinds plays and has become a classic of the holiday season. This year maybe it will be even more so, because from next week, officially from November 1st, it will be possible to buy u
A sort of Advent Calendar in Mum version I missed the plane signed by Lego
. The famous toy brick company has in fact reproduced the house of the McCallister family, where much of the film takes place, in a set of 24 bags for a total of 3,955 pieces. Inside, all the characters of the cast, from Kevin to the villains to his mother Kate and many components who are also found in the film.

The details are the most interesting part, with the Christmas tree in the room, the garlands hanging on the windows, older brother Buzz’s tarantula, the bathroom Kevin takes a shower in like a real master of the house in one of the iconic scenes of the film, and the cellar with the stove, another environment that is the protagonist of many of the child’s adventures against the two thieves. As a final treat, the little train used by Kevin with the cardboard of famous people mounted on it (the scene where the little one wants to make the bad guys believe that someone is at home, complete with background music). All components can be purchased, online and in physical stores, starting from November 1st around the world, for 249.99 euros.

The set, which will undoubtedly be snapped up by the huge success of the film, was conceived by a brick fan, Alex Storozhuk, a 26-year-old Ukrainian boy who submitted his project to the producers

through the Lego ideas platform. The house, which opens up like a doll’s house, also has unpublished bricks, explains The Verge website, such as those that make up the door with an entrance for the dog. Once completed, the McCallister house will surely find its place in the living rooms of Mum’s fans I missed my plane, or maybe will be mounted just as the umpteenth replica of the film passes on TV.

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