WWE: Nobody wants to work with Charlotte anymore, Becky is acclaimed by her colleagues

Yesterday we told you different background on the quarrel that took place in the backstage of SmackDown between Becky Lynch e Charlotte Flair, which seems to have almost come to blows following a very heated conversation. As it is natural that there have been various versions and points of view on what happened and more details on the situation will probably continue to arrive in the coming days.

The locker room has lined up

The most credited version is that the two most important WWE wrestlers would have quarreled over how the segment that starred them went, with the titles being thrown to the ground instead of being traded at the hands of Sonya Deville. A variation on the theme that would have been guilty devised by Charlotte to make Becky look bad. Waiting for more certainties on this front, what emerges according to PW Torch is a situation in which many colleagues in the backstage share the positions of Becky Lynch against Charlotte.

Charlotte she claimed that it was a mistake but it seems that no colleague wants to work with her now. According to reports, the magazine seems to work with the current SmackDown champion has become increasingly difficult. Nobody would like to work with the “queen”, on the contrary Becky Lynch is highly regarded, and an anonymous WWE wrestler said Becky was welcomed as a heroine by her colleagues after standing up to Ric Flair’s daughter.


WWE work Charlotte anymore Becky acclaimed colleagues

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