“I’ll tell you how things are, she authorized me” – Libero Quotidiano

“I’ll tell you how things are, she authorized me” – Libero Quotidiano
“I’ll tell you how things are, she authorized me” – Libero Quotidiano

Mystery revealed: Mietta is not vaccinated. The knot was untied by one of the judges of Dancing with the Stars, Guillermo Mariotto, guest of Mara Venier in the studio of Sunday In on Rai 1. Yesterday, during the talent show, it turned out that the competitor was positive and could not dance. Wild Lucarelli then he immediately asked her if she had been vaccinated, but no answer came from the other side. An answer that instead comes now thanks to Mariotto.

“Mietta is not vaccinated. The reason? He can’t because of health problems. She authorized me to say this “, Guillermo revealed to Venier. Among the guests of the Sunday broadcast was also Pierluigi Diaco, who said that it is “inelegant” to judge a “person without knowing the reasons for not getting vaccinated”. “The reasons that led Mietta not to get the vaccine – continued Diaco -, Mariotto will confirm, are personal and he did not share with his parents. He did not want this aspect to be leaked from the TV ”.

Guillermo finally said: “Mietta’s motivations are also medical, her it is not a no vax”. A Sunday In, then, there was also talk of Selvaggia’s attitude: according to some, the journalist should only have hoped that everyone had the green pass and not the vaccine. According to others, however, it has been corrected. It was to criticize the juror Alessandra Mussolini, who said that Lucarelli, in order not to have her near, would have moved her dressing room by five or six positions. Carolyn Smith, however, he denied. And the same did shortly after Lucarelli.

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