Alec Baldwin, the prop pistol was “used for play by crew members with real bullets”

Rumors continue about what really happened on the set of Rust, dove Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the director of photography Halyna Hutchins killing her, also hurting the director Joel Souza. According to TMZ, which cites some sources, the prop gun used by the actor “it had been used by some members of the crew for fun“, Off the set “Using real bullets“. An indiscretion that could explain why a real ammunition then ended up on the stage. According to TMZ, in fact, the police found real and safe bullets on the set in the same area.

Meanwhile, the background that sees the assistant director as protagonist is also increasing, Dave Halls, the same one who handed the weapon to Alec Baldwin, who was also convinced it was unloaded. According to Cnn, Halls had been the subject of complaints in 2019 over his safety and behavior on set in two film productions. The assistant director, according to the accusations, had not respected the safety protocols on the weapons, nor those on the pyrotechnic effects and had had inappropriate sexual behavior.

It seems now clearedinstead, Alec Baldwin. Preliminary information gathered by the Santa Fe police, in New Mexico, in fact, they ascertained that the actor did not know the gun was loaded, although it remains to be clarified whether he handled it safely less. The dynamics now seem clear. “Cold gun”, unloaded gun: the scream had given the green light to the shooting. The crew was lined up, with director of photography Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza standing nearby watching the scenes on a screen. As per the script, Alec Baldwin had to get out of the church and take the weapon out of the holster. The actor did it a first time without problems. The second, however, something went tragically wrong and a single shot was fired from the gun, which hit Hutchins in the chest first and Souza in the collarbone then.

To deliver the gun, in fact, David Halls, also unaware that it was loaded, after having taken it from a gray trolley positioned near where Baldwin was to shoot the scene. The guns had been prepared by the gun safety officer on set, the twenty-four year old daughter of art Hannah Gutierrez Reed. The girl was on her first assignment and in the past few weeks she hadn’t hidden doubts about her ability to carry out the job of gunsmith in a podcast. He had talked about his fears and the advice he had received from his father, Thell Reed, a famous Hollywood gunsmith who worked in major productions such as “Django Unchained” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino. It is precisely on Halls and Gutierrez Reed that the ongoing investigation would focus at the moment, since they were the last to touch the weapons before the fatal accident. At the moment, however, no one has been indicted.

Yesterday the director of photography’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, said he had “talked to Alec Baldwin” and had “no words to describe the situation”. The two had been married for 16 years and together have an eight-year-old son. “I am heartbroken for everyone involved. What happened is an absurd and devastating tragedy. I am close, with all my love, to the family of Halyna Hutchins ”, Hayley Baldwin-Bibier, Alec’s nephew, wrote in the stories.

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