‘inQuiete’, the Festival of female writers is back in Rome – Books – The book in the square

‘inQuiete’, the Festival of female writers is back in Rome – Books – The book in the square
‘inQuiete’, the Festival of female writers is back in Rome – Books – The book in the square

(by Mauretta Capuano) (ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 23 – ‘inQuiete’ returns – Festival of female writers in Rome and opens the fifth edition, from 29 October to 1 November in the Roman district of Pigneto, with a tribute to Virginia Woolf at which will be attended by Nadia Fusini, Iolanda Plescia and Sara De Simone. Among the meetings of the first evening of the Festival, which will take place at Cinema Avorio and at the Goffredo Mameli library, there will also be ‘Writing about violence against women’ with Viola Ardone, Antonella Lattanzi, Valentina Mira and Carlotta Vagnoli and ‘Portrait of a Lady’ with Chiara Valerio which tells Edith Warton, the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1921. Space also for the awarding of ‘Lettera Futura’, a national literary fellowship reserved for first-time writers, with the president of the jury Loredana Lipperini.

Tributes also to great writers of the past such as Camille Claudel, Dorothy Parker up to Fleur Jaeggy. Journalists of Sinhalese origin Nadeesha Uyangoda and Serbian Marina Lalovic will discuss the issue of racist dynamics still present in Italy, while Donatella Di Pietrantonio, Francesca Marciano will be involved in maternity and its relationship with women’s desires, limits and choices. , Michela Marzano and Maddalena Vianello. Gaia Manzini and Carmen Totaro will talk about Telling the unspeakable. ‘Between mothers and daughters.

Gender and identity ‘will be the focus of the meeting with the young French writer of Algerian origin Fatima Daas, while the writers Maaza Mengiste, winner of the 2021 von Rezzori Prize and Igiaba Scego, will talk about postcolonial African testimonies and narratives. The latter will also be the protagonist of the dialogue with the journalist and writer Andrea Abreu, author of ‘Pancia d’asino’ (Ponte alle Grazie). There will also be Giulia Caminito, winner of the Campiello Prize 2021 in dialogue with Chiara Gamberale and Simona Vinci with a preview reading based on her new novel.

Part of the programming is dedicated to girls and boys, with workshops and readings.

The events at Cinema Avorio can be booked on Eventbrite, all others are free. (HANDLE).


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