Uncharted, the official trailer of the film is a photocopy of the video game

Uncharted, the official trailer of the film is a photocopy of the video game
Uncharted, the official trailer of the film is a photocopy of the video game

Uncharted, the famous video game saga developed by Naughty Dog, is about to become a film destined for the big screen with real actors.

After all, after Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, fans were left with a dry mouth, given that at the moment a fifth official chapter does not seem to be officially in the works.

In the movie Tom Holland – who became famous in the public eye for having taken on the role of the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – will be Nathan Drake, already seen in an official image that leaves very little room for doubt.

Now, after a long wait (and a poor quality leak in the past few hours), Sony Pictures has finally released the first and exciting official trailer of the film by Uncharted.

The video allows us to get a first look at Nathan Drake played by Holland, also showing the character played by Mark Wahlberg, that is to say Victor “Sully” Sullivan, historical mentor of the protagonist and also a key figure in the videogame saga.

But that’s not all: the trailer showcases an all too similar scene to a famous sequence seen in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, originally released on PlayStation 3 consoles.

In fact, we see Nathan regain consciousness while he is in free fall, attached by the foot to a series of large crates that fall from the hold of a huge airplane.

Other sequences are instead focused on exploratory phases, which show the young Drake searching for a mysterious artifact.

Find the official trailer a little further down, in the dedicated player:

If the promises are kept, fans of the Naughty Dog saga will be able to find in their hands a film that seems to inherit much of the daring sequences typical of the PlayStation video game series.

The hope is that, at least in this case, the so-called curse of movies based on videogames don’t even hit the direct film from Ruben Fleischer.

In short, after the multiple postponements that have involved the film in spite of himself, it seems that the release date scheduled for February 18, 2022 will now be respected (at least as regards the USA).

Recall that in September Sony announced the arrival of the saga of Uncharted by Naughty Dog also on PS5 and PC consoles with the wait Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

If you’re waiting for more video game movies, a cinematic adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, directed by the director of John Wick.

If you want to recover the DLC, don’t miss it Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at a special price on Amazon Italy.

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