“We have lost the battle of acoustic sounds” – Corriere.it

“We have lost the battle of acoustic sounds” – Corriere.it
“We have lost the battle of acoustic sounds” – Corriere.it
from Andrea Laffranchi

The Norwegian band (but Erlend lives in Syracuse) returns after 12 years with “Peace or Love”

Twenty years ago they were the standard bearers of a revolution. It was time for the throwaway pop of boy bands, Eminem’s tense rap, nu metal’s wall of sound. It was the Kings of Convenience who showed a different direction to music and the British critics renamed it the new acoustic movement. Not only no plastic sounds, but no electric guitars too, we played without plug, bossa nova and Simon & Garfunkel like noble fathers. “Peace or Love” is the album that marks their return after 12 years and that brings them back on tour in Italy (26 October in Catania, 29 and 30 October in Bologna and on 1 November double show at the Arcimboldi in Milan). The formula is the same and places them even further away than then compared to the sounds of the moment.

“We lost the battle we were fighting with acoustic instruments, played by hand. Back then everything was hyper-produced, with layered sounds. Today, which dominate samples and programming, we are even more indecipherable. Also because, in addition, we are not folk, country or American, but we feel closer to a Latin world made of samba, bossa and afrobeat », comments Eirik Glambek Bøe, half of the group. There seems to be a comeback of guitars … «If a young person today can’t explain how a technology works – he adds -, he can feel a sense of alienation, but the functioning of a guitar is simple. It is difficult to understand the effects of music on emotions, but that is what makes it magical ».

The title contrasts two elements, peace and love, that we always imagine together. “It’s a play on words dealing with serious problems in life. The question is, can you find love and passion and what makes you feel alive and at the same time be at peace with your private life? I think peace and love is a utopia and that reality requires a choice, ”explains Eirik. “I am more for peace, I believe that he is more love,” adds the Erlend Øye, the other half.

“Peace or Love” had a troubled gestation. The documentary that accompanied the release opens with Erlend admitting that he thought “to stop playing” with the band. “Now we are in the beautiful moment of the cycle, the moment of the tour, but our relationship has been complicated by things that have happened in our personal lives.” Taking place 3650 kilometers away: Eirik lives in Bergen, Erlend in Syracuse. In recent months they have played in Norway and the government, unlike what happened in Italy, has given support by buying tickets that could not be sold to respect the distancing. «In Norway it works like this – Erlend sums up -: when things go wrong the system helps you, when they go well you are alone. I have a Norwegian friend who, despite a thousand invitations, has never visited me in Italy and who often doesn’t show up even when I’m in Bergen. But when my mom died she was there every day. Well, but when you spend your life in Norway you understand why there is a lot of loneliness ». Has he become Italian in something? «In Syracuse I have a good circle of friends, I have dinners in the garden, we play until the end of the day. After 9 years I feel the limits. Normally we Norwegians feel bad if we do something forbidden. I feel my origins in this, but in the parking lot I take enormous liberties: I park worse than any Sicilian ».

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