“Magalli, go back to being the conductor”

“Magalli, go back to being the conductor”
“Magalli, go back to being the conductor”


Maria De Filippi’s husband teased his colleague Rai

Published on 21 October 2021

Adriana Volpe and Giancarlo Magalli? Maurizio Costanzo says enough! In the weekly Nuovo, where for years he has edited a television column, the presenter and journalist said he was fed up with this matter. Maria De Filippi’s husband supported a reader who pointed out that for some time now, during interviews, Magalli has been constantly asking only and exclusively about his quarrel with the blonde colleague.

The last to tickle Giancarlo on this thorny issue were Simona Ventura and Paola Perego a Rai 2 intercom. “Let’s talk about something else”, was the appeal of the viewer, who found the complete support of Maurizio Costanzo. The host of the Maurizio Costanzo Show had his say as follows:

“The story of the perennial quarrel with Adriana Volpe got tired. Enough controversy, he must go back to being the conductor! Paola Perego and Simona Ventura change the subject, if they believe “

So the message of Maurizio Costanzo is clear: the quarrel between Adriana Volpe and Giancarlo Magalli, recently dusted off, among other things, at Big Brother Vip, got tired. And on the small screen, the 83-year-old would like to see more and not dwell on the usual chores.

Doubts about the dispute between Adriana Volpe and Magalli

In reality, it is not the first time that Maurizio Costanzo has expressed perplexity about what happened at I Fatti Vostri between Adriana Volpe and Giancarlo Magalli. Maria De Filippi’s husband had not hidden the gods last year doubts about the matter explaining that he is not so sure it ended up in court.

Maurizio Costanzo had also invited La Volpe and Magalli to drop complaints and judges and try to forget and, why not, go back to working together. An advice that those directly involved have never followed. After various editions of Your Facts and Mezzogiorno in the family Adriana has closed with Rai.

In 2020 the presenter joined Mediaset, as a competitor of the Big Brother Vip. Later he worked for Sky, on Tv8, and then accepted Alfonso Signorini’s proposal to return to the Cinecittà bunker as a columnist.

Giancarlo Magalli, on the other hand, has always remained in Rai and after his farewell to I Fatti Vostri is preparing to conduct a new program, again on Rai 2, entitled One word too many.

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