Photography, Sipa 2021 to the Turkish Aslan for ‘Hardship of Life’ – Ultima Ora

Photography, Sipa 2021 to the Turkish Aslan for ‘Hardship of Life’ – Ultima Ora
Photography, Sipa 2021 to the Turkish Aslan for ‘Hardship of Life’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SIENA, OCTOBER 21 – Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan with the shot ‘Hardship of Life’, the absolute winner of the Siena international photo awards (Sipa) 2021. The announcement today at the Siena presentation conference awards, the festival dedicated to visual arts scheduled from 23 October to 5 December in Siena and its surroundings: the program of exhibitions is rich, special guest will be the American photojournalist Steve Winter with ‘Big Cats’, the largest retrospective ever made on he.

The image of Aslan, with a strong emotional and emotional impact, comes from the district of Reyhanli, in the Turkish province of Hatay located on the border with Syria. It portrays a man without a leg, lost due to a bomb, as he takes in his arms his son born without lower and upper limbs as a result of a malformation caused by the assumption of drugs by the mother affected, during the war, also by gas nerve.

The photo was selected by the jury from among tens of thousands of images submitted by photographers from 163 countries. The image, together with those of the winners of the 12 categories into which the Sipa is divided, will be the subject of one of the Siena awards exhibitions: also introduced the Covid category, won by the Spanish photographer Brais Lorenzo Couto with Birthday, photo taken inside of a nursing home in Ourense, Galicia.

In addition to Winter, the festival will give space to the works of many other major international objectives: from Brent Stirton, icon of photojournalism with a monographic exhibition set up in the La Tinaia cultural center in Sovicille, to group exhibitions that will bring together extraordinary shots and videos arriving from all over the world, awarded in the three competitions promoted by the Siena Awards (the Sipa and then Creative photo awards and Drone photo awards) up to two exhibitions spread in Siena and Sovicille. (HANDLE).


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