Giulia De Lellis in Sanremo 2022? The choice of Amadeus, the truth

Giulia De Lellis in Sanremo 2022? The choice of Amadeus, the truth
Giulia De Lellis in Sanremo 2022? The choice of Amadeus, the truth


Dagospia sheds light on the story: the former suitor of Men and Women, now an established influencer, will go on the stage of the Ariston?

Published on 20 October 2021

Preparations are underway for the new edition of Sanremo Festival, the third directed and conducted by Amadeus. In this period the Rai conductor is grappling with the songs to be selected but is also evaluating the names of the probable co-hosts. Among these was made the name of Giulia De Lellis, the ex-girlfriend of Andrea Damante today appreciated web influencer and presenter in career.

Apparently, however, Amadeus is not at all interested in involving Giulia De Lellis in the most famous musical event in Italy. The always informed Dagospia has assured that the one circulated in recent weeks is alone una fake news. The name of De Lellis has never been examined by the Rai host and his staff. The same news, among other things, had already circulated a couple of years ago and denied by the former suitor of Men and Women in person.

This time Giulia De Lellis preferred remain silent and more than someone had considered this gesture a clear confirmation of Andrea Iannone’s ex-girlfriend. But apparently the 25-year-old will still have to do a bit of apprenticeship before treading the stage of the Ariston. In fact, Juliet dreams of establishing herself as a TV presenter and after her debut on Witty, the web TV of Maria De Filippi, she has carved out a space on Discovery, where she successfully conducted Love Island Italia.

All the latest news on the Sanremo 2022 Festival

For now it is certain that Amadeus will be joined once again by his friend brotherly Fiorello. The Sanremo 2022 Festival will be broadcast on Rai Uno from Tuesday 1 February to Saturday 5 February, with the welcome return of the public to the theater. The cast of singers is top secret. According to the latest gossip, they would have already presented a song: Elisa (paired with rapper Rkomi), Loredana Bertè, Tommaso Paradiso, Blanco, Francesco Renga, Marco Masimi, Aka7even, Aries.

And then again: Il Tre, Gianluca Grignani, Dolcenera, Giusy Ferreri, Simona Molinari, Carmen Consoli, The Kolors, Marlene Kuntz, Caccamo, Federico Rossi, Boomdabash, Zero Assoluto, Eugenio in via di gioia, Elio, Paolo Jannacci, Zen Circus , Anna, Alpha.

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