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Lite Francesco Facchinetti and Conor McGregor: the real reason for the attack revealed | The whole truth – the Democrat

Singer Benjamin Mascolo, known as B3N, revealed the whole truth about the quarrel between Francesco Facchinetti and Conor McGregor. Here’s what he said.

Francesco Facchinetti published a series of stories on Instagram where he denounced the behavior of the champion of MMA Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor (WebSource)

According to Roby Facchinetti’s son, the man punched him in the face for no apparent reason.

“We were at the St. Regis hotel to meet him, everything was fine until for no reason he punched me in the face.” – said Facchinetti on social media – “We are mad, there are several witnesses who can confirm it. I never thought I’d experience such a thing. Think what could have happened, if I’m here talking to you now it’s a miracle. McGregor is highly dangerous, he could even punch my wife, abusing one’s power in this way is totally wrong and harmful to society ”.

Francesco Facchinettiin addition, he also asked the hotel that hosted them for a hand:
“I’m curious to see if the hotel, which will surely have all the videos of what happened, will have the courage to show what Mr. McGregor in the two hours we were together, including the assault. ” – the man writes on the social network – “Fortunately, there were his friends who stopped him because he would have gone on to beat me without a reason. Since he is a repeat offender to such behaviors, I hope this is the right time to pay for it. I trust in the authorities and in the Italian law “.

To talk about what happened too Wilma Helena Faissol , wife of Francesco Facchinetti who then added that the fighter was not willing to end the attack that ended only thanks to his four bodyguards.

“Francesco was all bloody.” – says the woman – “It all happened in a hotel. We called the police but he is a dangerous person, do not come near ”.

Benji reveals the truth about the fight between Facchinetti and McGregor

Benjamin Mascolo (WebSource)

Singer Benjamin Mascolo revealed why the MMA champion Conor McGregor would have beaten Francesco Facchinetti.

“We were invited by Conor to the St. Regis Hotel in Rome to party. We spent two hours joking and laughing, drinking and eating in friendly tones. Everything goes well, then at 3 am my partner Bella Thorne my says: ‘We would like to go to sleep‘and we salute Conor. The athlete insisted that we stay and at that point Facchinetti would have intervened inviting me and Bella to stay a little longer. From nothing, for no valid reason, Conor throws a punch in the face of Francesco Facchinetti. A real punch, breaks his lip. ” -says the singer – “He made him fly. Conor’s guards (at least 5-6 people) blocked him otherwise he would have moved on. A madman, schizophrenic. It was a beautiful evening with friends. Francesco was open in the face, with lots of blood. We hit the ice with the wine ”.

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