Chiara Biasi victim of a theft: house burglary

Chiara Biasi, in the past few hours, was the victim of a theft. The influencer, when she returned home in the middle of the night, realized that, in an absence, a gang of thieves had broken into the apartment. According to reports, several items of great value would have disappeared!

Chiara Biasi he has not lived simple hours. The influencer, a great friend of Chiara Ferragni, when she got home in the middle of the night, she found that i thieves they had managed to break into his apartment, and had to sound the alarm. The news was reported by Corriere della Sera, before the influencer could let off steam on social media.

Surely Chiara Biasi he will have lived agitated hours, between the discovery of what had happened and the formalities to be carried out after the theft to try to understand everything that was missing and that the thieves managed to take away. According to the first rumors, it would be a loot really huge!

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Chiara Biasi: the apartment was robbed

Sunday evening, in fact, Chiara Biasi he decided to end the weekend by spending an evening with some friends. For this reason the influencer would have left the house shortly after 22, to return only in the middle of the night, more or less around 3. As soon as she arrived on the landing, however, Chiara Biasi would have suspicious: some lights, which she had left on, were out.

A signal that immediately made the influencer understand that something was wrong and Chiara Biasi suffered called the police. I thieves they would be able to take away many of the designer clothes, belonging to the major ones luxury brand: from Gucci, passing through Louis Vuitton and arriving up to Prada. Not only that, there would also be 5 in the loot brand watches, probably Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Probably i thieves have managed to enter theapartment through a window, the same point from which they would also be able to escape. A story that will surely have created great apprehension in Chiara Biasi!

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