Harry and Meghan combined another one!

The Royal Family has a poisoned tooth against the two spouses Harry and Meghan who have combined another

Harry Windsor e Meghan Markle (@GettyImages/by Theo Wargo)

Just at the moment when there seemed to be a flat calm, there is a new earthquake: it is an endless war within the Royal Family. Everything comes from the celebratory event for Lady Diana in program next 12 October, a tribute to the late wife of Principe Carlo and mom of Harry e William who would have turned 60.

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The event was expected to be attended by William Windsor e Kate Middleton as well as that of Harry and Meghan who, however, have again given the hole Royal Family.

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Royal Family, Harry and Meghan will not be present at the celebratory party for Lady D.

Harry e Meghan (@GettyImages)

According to the indiscretion bomb launched by Daily Telegraph and also taken from The Sun, Harry e Meghan they do not intend to return to the UK in close proximity, this means that by 12 October they will not be present at the commemorative event in Lady Diana is that William e Kate they were again snubbed by the spouses. Needless to say, rightly so Carlo e William they did not expect such a renunciation without even being given a valid reason for the absence.

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Someone speculates that the reason for the absence could be that of the treatment reserved to the spouses on their return in UK that would be tied to the finger. Anyway, the one organized in memory of Lady D. it will be an event attended by about 100 people, including Elton John which, at the time, he rewrote for the princess Candle in the wind.


Harry Meghan combined

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