Gianni Morandi, the grief he cannot overcome: a tragedy for him

Gianni Morandi, the grief he cannot overcome: a tragedy for him
Gianni Morandi, the grief he cannot overcome: a tragedy for him

Gianni Morandi is one of the most popular singers in Italy. The artist told on social media about a mourning that he still cannot overcome.

Gianni Morandi (Getty Images)

We all know a little about the social activity of Gianni Morandi. The Italian singer not only likes to post photos and keep fans updated on his daily life. Shots made by “his” Anna lovingly. But he likes to respond and converse with his fans and followers about the most varied times.

Very nice, for example, the photomontage he published shortly after the end of the Olympics which portrayed him on the podium with his friend and colleague Lorenzo Jovanotti. A beautiful relationship with people, cultivated daily over time. We read very often, in fact, his polite and kind answers.

This is also his friendly side, in addition to his incredible talent that has contributed to his immense success passed from generation to generation, which have made the public love him even more. Beyond his extraordinary career, divided between music, cinema and television, Gianni is appreciated for his expansive and optimistic character.

Gianni Morandi, the memory of his dog is still alive

A few days ago, Gianni Morandi was pursued by a fan with a comment under a photo of him. “I often wonder how a beautiful soul like you can live without a dog or two or three”, writes the woman wondering why the singer has never spoken publicly about the relationship with animals.

“Do not like? – continues the woman – or is it Anna who doesn’t want them? “. We know well how Morandi is made and someone like him could not miss the opportunity to answer the lady, revealing a part of himself that not everyone was aware of.

“I’ve always had dogs – writes Gianni – the last was Nena, she left a few years ago, she left a great void – confessed – I still don’t have the sense of getting a new dog friend “. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. The feelings are the same and Morandi confirmed it.

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However, the singer does not preclude himself from falling in love with a four-legged friend again in the future. “I hope to change my mind soon”, wrote Gianni always in the reply comment.

Gianni Morandi (Facebook)


Gianni Morandi grief overcome tragedy

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