Caro Sindaco, l’arte è arte ma la vostra Spigolatrice resta fuori contesto

Caro Sindaco, l’arte è arte ma la vostra Spigolatrice resta fuori contesto
Caro Sindaco, l’arte è arte ma la vostra Spigolatrice resta fuori contesto

You speak of the artist’s “flawless interpretation” and find my post “violent” and even “sexist” which, on the contrary, denounced in no uncertain terms the sexism of a male-dominated culture represented by that statue. It also suggests that mine was a political exploitation of the politicians present.

I come to the points, one by one.

I think that when you talk about the impeccable interpretation of the artist and the artist himself who claims that “the depravity is in whoever sees it”, your ideas are a bit confused. The point is precisely this: interpretation. To me, as well as to other women indignant by that statue, it does not scandalize the nude at all. On the contrary. After all, that statue is very beautiful in representing female eros. Indeed, female eros, not the gleaner of Mercantini’s poetry who witnesses the massacre of the Pisacane expedition.

That voluptuous woman with a round and perfect butt, which she shows off with lasciviousness, cannot represent the worker in the fields in a context of very specific historical value. This is the point. And the words “but art is art” are worthless. Yes, art is art but there is always an appropriate context to respect, especially if it is a public administration that sponsors it!

I ask you a question: would you have inaugurated a square in Sapri with Pisacane with an uncovered ass and a provocative attitude? When I see her then I will tell her that my views on sexism were wrong and that art is art.

Come on, Mayor, let’s not joke. She defines my post as violent.
No, dear Mayor. My post was much more respectful of your city and its history, including the gleaners, than you have been.

And we women are tired of keeping silent in the face of certain offenses and having to give explanations to our grievances. Now, my invitation to tear down the statue is provocative. But at least I would like it to be dedicated to something else, certainly not to the character of the poem that represented so many workers who never wanted to be represented like this, and not out of modesty but out of dignity.

Finally, dear Mayor, you do the political exploitation, not me, so much so that I think that some guests invited to the inauguration were embarrassed, starting with President Conte who has always seemed to me to be attentive to certain issues.

Listen to me Mayor, change the dedication to that statue. Then we can all say that art is art and we will come to admire it. And take the opportunity to inaugurate another dedicated to the gleaner, more respectful of the history of Sapri.

I will also come to the inauguration and I will give you my personal compliments, even if they don’t count for much.

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