Men and women, Marianna Acierno is pregnant

Men and women, Marianna Acierno is pregnant
Men and women, Marianna Acierno is pregnant

Sweet news for a former suitor of Men and women: Marianna acierno she will become a mother, she announced it herself with a reel on Instagram. The girl participated in the dating show of Channel 5 in 2018 to woo the tronista Paolo Crivellin and it was the non-choice. Indeed, Paolo left the program together with Angela Caloisi.

Marianna today he works for QVC and it’s engaged to Andrea D’Angelo, young entrepreneur in the restaurant business. The two have been a couple for two years and have made important steps in a short time. After a few months they went to live together, while after a year of relationship they took a house together.

The Acierno dedicated the post to his partner: “To you who changed my life. To you who taught me what it means to truly love. ” In the video there are many photos of the couple and also the pregnancy test and the ultrasound. At the end of the caption he revealed that he is expecting a baby girl:

To you who have been Home and Family from the first day. To You, My Love, I dedicate the most beautiful gift that Life could give us. We dreamed it, we imagined it and we wanted it. Now it’s up to just Live it. I love you Papy. And you Princess, know that you will be the fruit of a gigantic, crazy but above all True Love. We are waiting for you.

Marianna answering her followers, through the question box, she revealed further details of the pregnancy. The baby will be born in late March and the couple agree with one name, however they will consider others. The former suitor also claimed that thanks to the experience of Men and women he started to believe in love again.

Best wishes to future parents from all the staff of Isa and Chia!


Men women Marianna Acierno pregnant

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