Tonight on TV 27 September 2021: programming

Tonight on TV 27 September 2021: programming
Tonight on TV 27 September 2021: programming

The television programming of Monday 27 September 2021 it is wide. Information and entertainment programs, shows and films. From the third season of I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone on Rai1 to a new episode of the sixth edition of GF Vip on Canale 5, passing through the program Direct socket on Rai3: what’s on TV tonight?

Tonight on TV September 27, 2021

On Monday 27 September 2021, the evening TV programming is vast: films, series, entertainment and information broadcasts.

What’s on TV tonight? Starting from the first channel of the network, Raiuno proposes the new season of I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, or the episode entitled Vuoto. Raidue airs with the film The executioner of the night, while Raitre offers the Direct Drive program – Oil, the lost time.

Tonight on TV 27 September 2021: Mediaset’s proposals

Mediaset offers on Rete4 the Fourth Republic program, while Channel 5 presents a new episode of Big Brother Vip 2021 with Alfonso Signorini at the helm. Italy 1instead, it is staged with the film The Foreigner.

Tonight on TV 27 September 2021: the programming of the other channels

On the evening of Monday 27 September 2021, Tv8 offers Creed – Born to fight and La7 the Eden in-depth program A planet to be saved. Channel 20 proposes Warcraft – The beginning, while Cine34 the comedy I’m going to Havana. Rai Movie goes on stage with the film The Magnificent Seven. Paramount Channel offers Christmas at Pemberley Manor e Iris Rebellious hearts. Italy2 proposes Free exit, while La5 offers The house in the mountains – Homecoming. Channel Nine airs the talent show Little Big Italy – Stockholm, while Heaven the film The chess player. Real Timefinally, it offers a Lives marathon at the limit from 9.30 pm.

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