Dolce and Gabbana, light after dark –

Dolce and Gabbana, light after dark –
Dolce and Gabbana, light after dark –
from Paola Pollo

Embroideries, sequins, crystals: welcome back to optimism, the show is all sparkling. Exposed lingerie also from Philosophy. The Msgm picnic, the mega show by Moncler Genius

Let there be light. There is nothing that does not shine on the catwalk of Dolce and Gabbana. Even they, the stylists, greet with jokes and jokes appearing holograms in the center of the stage. Since we have to be everywhere, so it will be possible, they joke explaining the surprise that seemed to them the perfect closure of a show dedicated to light. Embroidery, colors, stones, sequins, crystals are everywhere: from dresses to jeans to costumes to lingerie. Because for us positivity, life, glamor, family, friends, being together, seeing each other. We needed it after these two years of darkness. Not that you have been standing still. This no. We never gave up. For us it seemed right to celebrate this return to life. And talk about fun, yes. But not that stupid, maybe even just a dinner with friends. And have fun with the stylists, they say they had a lot of fun. Because in this “beam of light” we have found our 2000s. Yes, sir. But without nostalgia. Let’s face it: weren’t they the ones after the heaviness and darkness of minimalism?

Undoubtedly. THEIt is no longer an illuminating discovery: that in vintage shops the gleaming Dolce and Gabbana garments of those years are missing on the one hand, but highly sought after by the new generations on the other. Why not find them then ?. And here they invade the mirrored catwalk: all a bling bling. The difference is that there are no more trends: high or low waist, over or slim. Young people love to choose what they want, they explain in proposing all the silhouettes. The only recurring habit: iThe return of visible lingerie, even under the costumes. Which makes it all blatantly sexiness.

Exposed lingerie, it was said. Not a coincidence if Lorenzo Serafini (girls’ reference designer) for Philosophy he also proposed small bras everywhere under jackets and loose shirts. Parade to space Crisis and the nostalgia of those years of fashion and culture is in the air.

Wrong‘Oscar of the location already in the hands of Massimo Giorgetti who has decided to show hers Msgm in an ideal picnic in the flowery fields of the new district on the island with the skyline of the new Milanese skyscrapers in front of you. More than vitamin colors for a fresh and easy collection.

Not a hologram but a digital and worldwide connection what Moncler set up to present Mondogenius: five metropolises (Milano, Seul, Shangai, Tokyo, New York), thirty platforms, for eleven designers and their fashion visions linked to the brand. More than forty minutes of direct connection from Milan by the American singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. Not easy to follow on the product, but for that there will be time, because every month there will be one collab, but interesting for speed and messages.

September 26, 2021 (change September 26, 2021 | 09:10)


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