advances episode 26 September 2021

advances episode 26 September 2021
advances episode 26 September 2021

Today (Sunday 26 September, at 2.00 pm) the second episode of the afternoon special of Friends. The twenty-first edition, also conducted by Maria De Filippi, and which is already enjoying great success, will air for the second consecutive week on Sunday (it should be the last, back to Saturday as early as October 2nd). So let’s go and tell what happened in the recording of the last few days, and that we will therefore see this afternoon.

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Let’s start with a short step back: last season Professor Arisa had promised an aspiring singer, Elisabetta, to assign her the desk in the next edition, and so – despite Arisa no longer part of the commission – Elisabetta will officially enter as a student.

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In the last episode we also left the teacher Raimondo Todaro in the throes of a decision, that is to assign the bench to one of Mattia and Nunzio, both Latin dancers. Since Todaro had a professional acquaintance with Nunzio, the decision was made by an external commission, which will decide that Mattia will win.

Professor Veronica Peparini also had to choose between Mattias and Gianmarco, and the choice will fall on the first hip hop dancer. Again with regard to the dance, the teacher Alessandra Celentano will decide to suspend the judgment on Mirko, the boy who had decided to join his team but with reservations, thus giving him a month to evaluate the final decision.

As for the “singing side”, all students will see their T-shirts confirmed and therefore their place in the school, at least for another week. In addition, we must report the entry of two new singers, Rea and Kendy.

Special guests Sangiovanni, Deddy, Giulia and Aka7even, protagonists of last season of the talent. This and much more will happen in the episode of Amici, broadcast on Sunday 26 at 2.00 pm on Canale 5. To stay updated on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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