Death of Roberta Repetto, the report: “Completely inadequate operation”

Death of Roberta Repetto, the report: “Completely inadequate operation”
Death of Roberta Repetto, the report: “Completely inadequate operation”

Death of Roberta Repetto, the medical examiner’s report is very hard Francesco Ventura and the oncologist Paola Queirolo, appointed by the judge of the preliminary investigations to clarify the death of the 40-year-old, which took place in October 2020. The report, filed in recent days, went to dig what happened after the removal of the mole from the woman, which took place at the Anidra Center in Borzonasca in October 2018 without anesthesia and on a kitchen table.

The reconstruction of what happened and that wrong operation

For the clinical reconstruction of what happened to the 40-year-old, in addition to the medical documentation of the hospitalizations, the e-mails and telephone messages were also searched, thus obtaining the clinical symptomatological picture and the timing of the events.

What emerges is that the operation carried out to the 40-year-old was “inadequate” and as the report says

” (…) performed in inadequate ways, exposing the lady to considerable suffering for the lack of anesthesia with also the need for stitches e subsequent high risk of infection, due to the absence of a sterile environment suitable for this practicea.

Besides these censurable conduct put in place – especially in the presence of a person qualified to practice medicine and therefore at least ethically obliged to protect the physical and mental health of the patient even outside the usual activity – aMs Repetto was denied the possibility of a correct diagnosis and at the same time of a correct surgical or medical therapy and of an adequate follow up (…)

The treatment of a patient by a medical-surgeon even just for a “dressing” or “removal” of a bleeding skin lesion should have been accompanied by correct and in-depth information between doctor and patient, especially regarding the need to perform a histological examination to be aware of the nature of the lesion. So it seems clear that Mrs Repetto has been denied any chance of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Not having treated her with adequate therapies in the evolutionary stages of the disease led to a significant acceleration of death “

it’s still:

If the patient had been well informed at the last minute, the removed material could have been sent for histological analysis to an institute, center, private laboratory.“.

Among the hundreds of emails and messages, that of the surgeon Oneda is striking:

Roberta asks: “What was that thing you took from me? Because they say that the origin could
be a mole. Warty mole? In case I told you who can I say I took it off for not
get in the way?

Dr. Oneda, therefore, replies:

“It was a warty nevus. Removed because
he was bleeding because he was scratching himself and you didn’t want to do histology… I don’t think they ask you who has it
removed nevus but if you have histological and you did not want to do histological. In any case you are not required to
say who took it from you or remember his name if you don’t want to say it …”.

An expertise that further nails the positions of the surgeon Paolo Oneda, 47 and of the holy man Vincenzo Bandinelli, 68, both accused of voluntary murder with possible intent for the death of Roberta, which took place in October 2020.

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