Can Yaman, the truth about the breakup with Diletta Leotta | What really happened

Can Yaman, the truth about the breakup with Diletta Leotta | What really happened
Can Yaman, the truth about the breakup with Diletta Leotta | What really happened

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta were one of the most loved couples of the last period. But after so much love, at some point the two never showed up together again. What happened? Is it really over as you think?

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Just looking at them, they were one of the most beautiful couples, Can Yaman e Diletta Leotta. One of those that transmits and emanates love and affection to anyone, who just need to look them straight in the eye to understand how much they loved each other. Yet even the most beautiful things are destined to end, for one reason or another, leaving behind a sweet and bitter memory. But what really happened between the two? What are the reasons for the breakup?

Can Yaman, that’s why it ended with Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta came out into the open towards the beginning of the new year, although several voices already said around December that there was some tender between them. Since their first official releases, the public has loved them and chosen them as their own favorite couple, venerating them and always following them in everything and for everything. Especially on social media the fans they couldn’t wait to see some shots who portrayed them together, videos that talked about them. In short, the two boyfriends did nothing but emanate happiness and joy to anyone.

And it looked just like that: they really seemed in love, happy and serene. It was enough to look into their eyes that you understood everything there was to understand. And especially they seemed to be serious. Both the Turkish actor and the beautiful journalist had gone to meet their respective holidays. During the summer we had seen several photos of Diletta Leotta who had gone to Turkey with the handsome Can Yaman to meet his family of origin. In short, the perfect couple, even at the sea and in the mountains, on the boat or hugging each other and always smiling. Then, at a certain point, the photos together began to diminish, until they almost disappeared. What happened?

The truth is hard to accept

Even on her 30th birthday, Diletta Leotta seems to have spent it without Can Yaman. In fact, from the photos of the party there is not even the shadow of the actor and this immediately made fans think of the worst. Or the alleged response that the presenter would have given to Can following the engagement ring: “I think about itHe did speculate that it’s the reason they broke up.

Didn’t she feel ready for the big step? Or are there other reasons why she apparently ended up between the two? For a while, there was also talk of Can Yaman approaching the Israeli model and presenter Moran Atias. But like everything in this story there are many questions and few answers and for the moment they can only remain simple doubts. Who knows if we will see them again together or is it really over!


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