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Men and women, Alessio Ceniccola reveals his feelings for Samantha

Men and women, Alessio Ceniccola reveals his feelings for Samantha
Men and women, Alessio Ceniccola reveals his feelings for Samantha

In a few days one of the choices of the last season of Men and women, that of Samantha Curcio, disputed between Alessio Ceniccola e Bohdan Beyba. Just before the big day, Alessio gave an interview to Men and Women magazine to which he revealed his current feelings for the tronista:

I believe that within the program my path has been completely true. I tried to show all sides of my character, for better or for worse, to make myself known. This also led us to clash, but with Samantha a really strong bond has been created. When we look into each other’s eyes and we are together we know we like each other and we feel a lot of chemistry. Samantha she managed to win me over with her sweetness – even if she doesn’t like hearing it – and with her great simplicity. The first thing I said as soon as I saw her was that she gave me the feeling of being a woman. I confirm that first perception, today is what drives me crazy about her. She is a serious girl, with no crickets in her head, who knows what she wants.

Alessio he then added:

Falling in love is not easy, but I think with Samantha we are on the right track and you are the right one.

Ceniccola he later revealed how he feels when he sees the Curcio with Bohdan:

A sense of anger shakes me, but also of helplessness. The program foresees that she carries on more knowledge even towards the end, but this does not mean that seeing her together with another person makes me feel bad. It’s normal, she’s the woman I like and I’m courting.

Finally Alessio spoke of the points of difference between him and Baby:

He and I are very different. I define myself as an outgoing type, who lives everything intensely at maximum speed. I am one who takes the risks of everything he does because this allows me to live fully.

What do you think of these statements of Alessio?


Men women Alessio Ceniccola reveals feelings Samantha

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