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Isola, Gilles Rocca unleashes himself on Instagram and makes a striking gesture

Isola, Gilles Rocca unleashes himself on Instagram and makes a striking gesture
Isola, Gilles Rocca unleashes himself on Instagram and makes a striking gesture

After saying goodbye toIsland of the Famous 2021 Gilles Rocca he indulged in a long rant on Instagram. A post in which the ex winner of Dancing with the Stars he did not hesitate to point the finger at those who harshly criticized him for his experience in Honduras. I have shown my frailties in a world where false hugs and sterile quarrels are more liked than a loudly shouted I love you, where there is still the hypocrisy of shouting “violence” if you dare to contradict a woman just because you disagree with her thinking, losing sight of the fact that just shouting at violence when it is not violence is the first step towards oblivion for many women who actually suffer it … where the same people who accuse you are the ones who two seconds ago may have insulted another woman just because she gained a few pounds or did some tweaking “Rocca said.

Island of the Famous: the outlet of Gilles Rocca

Gilles Rocca on Instagram he added: “I am proud of who I am, I can look at myself every day in the mirror and be proud of who I am. I was criticized because I looked tough, a man all in one piece, determined, rude … I am criticized now instead because I was too emotional , too sweet, too fragile … “. The former castaway did not hesitate to mention, albeit covertly, Tommaso Zorzi, with whom he had more than a few clashes: “Nno matter what I do, what a person does, in the world of social media you will be criticized regardless, it is enough to go up against one with more followers to be literally lynched. Does this look good to you? Do you know how many people have taken their own lives because of these attitudes? !! ​​”.

Island of the Famous: the gesture of Gilles Rocca

A few days after his elimination Gilles Rocca then made a striking gesture. The sound engineer became famous in Sanremo 2020 thanks to the dispute between Morgan and Bugo he deleted all the photos of the Island of the Famous from his Instagram account. Shots posted by his entourage while the former footballer was in Honduras. A truly drastic decision: is Gilles therefore regretting this experience? Will he return to the studio after the quarantine for a confrontation with Ilary Blasi, Tommaso Zorzi and the others or will he decide to archive this adventure forever?


Isola Gilles Rocca unleashes Instagram striking gesture

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