the truth never revealed about her boyfriend

Raffaella Fico, the shocking confession about her boyfriend. The showgirl has opened the doors of her heart to Gianmaria Antinolfi

Raffaella Fico (Getty Images)

His entrance into the house of the “Big Brother Vip”Has certainly not gone unnoticed. The beautiful Raffaella Fico, former partner of Mario Balotelli and mother of his daughter Pia, walked through the red door immediately after performing in a fiery ballet on the notes of “Crazy Mamacita“, Single she made with the collaboration of Gigi Soriani. A few days after her debut at the “Gf Vip”, the showgirl is already overwhelming viewers with her unexpected confessions. A few minutes ago, during a dialogue with Gianmaria Antinolfi, the Fico made a unexpected revelation about her boyfriend. Where is the truth?

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Raffaella Fico, the truth never revealed about her boyfriend – VIDEO

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Raffaella Fico, at the beginning of his experience in the Canale Cinque reality show, she had claimed to be single. A statement that Alfonso Signorini had not failed to deny during the appointment with CasaChi: “Raffaella is actually engaged to Piero Neri, a very wealthy man from Forte dei Marmi“. Regarding the reason why Fico lied, the conductor let himself go to various hypotheses: “Maybe he thought he had a better chance of getting into the house“.

However, just today, the Neapolitan showgirl admitted in front of everyone that she was officially engaged, going back to what was said previously. In a dialogue with Gianmaria Antinolfi and Carmen Russo, the two contestants confronted each other on their respective relationships, born only a few months ago. “He’s recently dating, I got engaged very recently. Detachment is difficult“: These are the words spoken by the model. According to his statements, therefore, the relationship with Piero Neri would be more than a simple acquaintance.

Raffaella Fico (Getty Images)

The followers, blown away by this yet another change of course, they wonder where the truth lies. Surely, in the coming weeks, Alfonso Signorini will have the opportunity to deepen this aspect of Raffaella’s life.

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