Malena: Monica Bellucci on the nude scenes with the boy: “Not an easy situation”

During a 2000 interview Monica Bellucci talked about Malena and the hot scenes shot with Giuseppe Sulfaro, who was 16 at the time.





During a 2000 interview Monica Bellucci talked about Malena, by Giuseppe Tornatore and scene hot shot with Giuseppe Sulfaro, the boy in the film who, having been born in 1984, was only sixteen when shooting the film.

Monica Bellucci in a scene from the film Malèna

Bellucci, during the 2000 interview released by Entrevistas de Cine, said: “We talked a lot with Giuseppe about the scenes with the boy, it was very important to talk about it. For this little boy this was his first cinematic experience so he too found himself facing a difficult situation.”

Malena: Monica Bellucci “was the first naked woman I saw”, said the protagonist

In any case we helped each other, I managed to overcome my shyness and he managed to overcome his. Tornatore has been close to us in a particular way because he is a very precise director, who loves actors and who follows them closely“. Concluded Monica.

Monica Bellucci is the much desired Malèna in Giuseppe Tornatore’s film.

Giuseppe Sulfaro is mainly known for his starring role in Tornatore’s film, alongside Bellucci, which earned him some awards, including the Golden Globe for best new actor. The film has a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on reviews from 78 critics, with an average of 5.6 / 10. The website’s “critical consensus” reads: “Malèna ends up transforming Monica Bellucci’s character into an object. Also, the boy’s emotional investment with Malena is never convincing, as he never feels like a three-dimensional character.”


Malena Monica Bellucci nude scenes boy easy situation

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