A Casina inaugurazione e installazione delle opere vincitrici del Bando Land Art 2021

They win the Land Art 2021 Call, the second edition of the competition to select installed works of art projects

Reborn butterflies by Irene Russo

outdoors, with the use of sustainable materials, curated by Effetto Notte, the creations of two artists not yet forty, Raul Amoros and Irene Russo.

Two Casina projects and sites are involved. The inauguration of the artistic installations will in fact take place on Saturday 28 August at 4 pm, first at Lago dei Pini, with the vision of the work of Irene Russo. It will then continue to the Pineta Park, where the intervention of Raul Amoros will be shown to the public.

The winning works. From the heavenly heights to discover the unity of life

Reborn butterflies

An itinerant inauguration, that of Saturday, as a real path of discovery. In fact, the public will be welcomed at Lago dei Pini Reborn butterflies, the symbolic work of Irene Russo (1985), dedicated to the theme of the importance of rebirth. Rebirth of the place (naturalistic jewel recently enhanced and redeveloped) and of the spirit, pausing for a moment with thought in present times. Visitors will be able to admire, near the lake, an evanescent and light structure, which leads the gaze upwards, to those butterflies of painted wood that blend with the colors of the sky.

A color that takes its cue from the water and the blue, from below and from above, which frames the park; the phosphorescent ecological paint gives a suggestive and fairytale vision at night to the already enchanted atmosphere of the lake.

Wolf in half

From the sky to the thick of the woods. The route will continue to the Pineta Park, where there will be the opportunity to admire a large figure with the likeness of a wolf, an animal symbol of the Apennines. A special wolf, however: because herbs and flowers will be born from his body of clay, rope and wood. A work, that of Raul Amoros (1982), in progress, which breaks down the illusion of stillness and the timelessness of figurative art and is placed in harmony with the context in which it is placed, also showing how human intervention can be creative, and not just destructive, towards the environment.

The seeds planted during the making process will begin to grow and become herbs and flowers on the animal’s back. Rainwater, sun, light and air will therefore be the protagonists of the work.

Half Wolf by Raul Amoros

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