The first photos of Victoria of the Maneskin with her girlfriend, the tender kiss on the scooter

He is only 21 years old but has very clear ideas about who he wants to be and the freedoms he doesn’t want to give up. “The first time I had feelings for a girl was disorienting,” said Victoria De Angelis bassist of Maneskin, “Today I live my sexuality in a natural and free way”. On Diva and Donna the first photos of Victoria together with her alleged girlfriend, who holds her in a tender kiss in the streets of Rome.

It’s the first time that Victoria De Angelis she is surprised by the shots of the photographers in a moment of private life. The photos, published in the latest issue of the weekly Diva e Donna, show the young bassist of Maneskin, 21, in the company of what appears to be his girlfriend, at least judging by the sweet hugs and the flying kiss they exchange while Victoria, riding her scooter, is ready to leave for her professional commitments.

Who is Victoria of the Maneskin’s girlfriend

The photos, published in the weekly magazine, were taken in Rome, where i Mankesin they form the basis between one concert and another. The photos of the bass player made her fans turn up their noses who would have wanted more privacy for Victoria, in such an overwhelming and delicate moment of her rise to a success that is proving far beyond expectations. Yet the gossip does not subside around the young artists who are climbing the international charts and Victoria seems really in love with the young girl who awaits her in the capital with open arms. Her identity at the moment is mysterious, but judging by the kisses and hugs it seems that theirs is a solid love, so it is not excluded that the bassist will soon be able to present her to her audience as did her colleague Damiano with his Giorgia Soleri. .

(Instagram photo @vicdeangelis)

Victoria De Angelis, the first time she was attracted to a girl

Today she is only 21 years old but she has had very clear ideas for a long time about the woman she wants to be and about her freedoms which she does not want to give up: “At the age of six I already could not tolerate the distinctions between masculine and feminine”, he told in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I’ve always had strong ideas about how I wanted to be. I refused things typically defined as a child and around me they made fun of me for skating, playing football, not wearing skirts, I was giving myself the chance to be as I wanted”, the bassist explained. For this reason, today Victoria feels free to love without any limitation, even if at the beginning it was not easy: “When for the first time I felt feelings and attraction for a girl it was a bit confusing because I had never had the courage to go beyond the limitations I had imposed on myself”, confessed to Vanity Fair. “Once I got over the initial insecurity of having to question one’s own certainties, I lived my sexuality in a very natural and free way, as it should be for everyone “.


photos Victoria Maneskin girlfriend tender kiss scooter

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