Madonna, face completely distorted: the 62-year-old shows herself like this

Madonna, one of the biggest international stars, at the age of 63, showed herself completely different in a shot published on social media. There he is.

Madonna’s post

She is one of the great living legends of music. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, that is to say The Queen of Pop, is one of the biggest stars in the world of international entertainment. In a post published on her official Instagram account, which has more than 16 million followers, the singer has shown herself completely upset. Always beautiful, Madonna sported a totally different look from her last appearances. But there was certainly no lack of criticism. For some, the star would have exaggerated with the small aesthetic touches, which would have ended up distorting her face. Face smoother and firmer, very high cheekbones, doubt runs through this shot. It is unclear whether Madonna is resorting to cosmetic surgery or not, but for her fans it doesn’t matter.

The singer, in recent years, has split between New York and Portugal. Since 2017 he has bought a beautiful villa in Lisbon: his son Davidin fact, he attends one of the best football academies in the country and his dream is to become a champion. Recently, Madonna returned to the United States, in her Michigan, to celebrate her father Silvio’s 90th birthday.

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The disease that hit Madonna

In recent times, Madonna has appeared in great shape and the dark months of her forced stop are far away. In 2019, the singer was forced to cancel hers Madame X tour, due to a sudden illness. Later, Madonna was paparazzi while, with difficulty, she walked with leaning on a stick.

The images made the rounds of the web, but only recently the singer revealed what happened. In a series of stories posted on Instagram, Madonna revealed that he is in a lot of pain due to the seals that protect the menisci of the knee. Years of performances, loosening and ballet, have compromised this part of his body, causing incredible pain.

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