Gene Hackman: a photo 17 years after his retirement shows him almost unrecognizable

Gene Hackman was shown in a photo revealed online by film historian James L Neibaur at the ripe old age of 91, hard to recognize.

Gene Hackman retired from the scene 17 years ago, and has been spending a retired life in New Mexico ever since: a photo leaked online revealed the current physical state of the 91-year-old actor who, compared to how we remembered him on screen, is definitely changed, and in some ways unrecognizable.

Here is the photo leaked online with Gene Hackman.

The historian and film writer James L Neibaur posted the photo on Twitter. However, this is not a very recent shot, considering that Hackman would be 91 today, while this photo dates back to two years ago. We can say, however, that the actor’s appearance should not have changed much in these two years, and that in any case it would be difficult to recognize him easily seeing him pass by on the street.

Over the course of his career, Gene Hackman has won two Academy Awards with five nominations, four Golden Globes (including one for Lifetime Achievement), and a Silver Bear. Cinecomics fans will remember him as Superman’s Lex Luthor with Christopher Reeve.

But Hackman also worked on Unforgiven, The Partner, Public Enemy, Frankenstein Junior and The Violent Arm of the Law.


Gene Hackman photo years retirement shows unrecognizable

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