No vax are targeting Milva’s Facebook post on the vaccine: «It did you really good, right? And you also recommended it to your fans “

«You do it too. We need to get back to life as before, and to hug our loved ones. All of us together can manage to defeat this virus ». These are some of Milva’s last public words, entrusted to Facebook last March 26, in a post in which the artist invited his fans to do the same. But as soon as news of the artist’s death spread, the Goro Panther post was immediately targeted by No vax groups opposed to the anti-Covid vaccine.

«Vaccinated and deceased, congratulations!», Reads the comments under the artist’s post. “Made an experimental gene drug a month ago and today it is dead,” comments another user. “This vaccine did you really good, right? And you even recommended it to your fans! Congratulations! And have a good trip ».

FACEBOOK / MILVA | No vax group comments under the artist’s post


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vax targeting Milvas Facebook post vaccine good recommended fans

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