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Lutto nello spettacolo, è morto Tonino Candelora, in arte “Cocò”

Tonino Candelora, in art “Cocò“, Known to the Lucanian public, and not only, also as”Tony lora“, On his page”Facebook“, He died at the age of 65.

His disappearance, which took place yesterday, in Calabria, in Roseto Capo Spulico, in the province of Cosenza, where he had moved, aroused disbelief and sorrow among friends and the entertainment and private radio sector.

The artist from Potenza, passionate about music, theater and local radio and television broadcasters, was an integral part of the history of Potenza and its memory.

In fact, he made up with Dino Bavusi, Dino Lagrotta e Melina Caggiano an unforgettable quartet where, over many years, between theater and television they have made numerous appearances with shows, in the vernacular of Potenza, and social denunciations, making it one of the family not only for the other members of the group.

In the shows he was the son of Zi Carmela e Zi Gerard, as well as grandson of Zì Rocc.

Vivacity, cheerfulness and irony were the main ingredients of the popular quartet.

Who does not remember “Fact dngas to ours“, A true window on the local reality, a great success for several decades of private television which, every Thursday evening, kept thousands and thousands of viewers from both Potentia and not glued.

The program gained national attention, thanks also to the “Telegatto“, Received by the famous magazine”TV Smiles and Songs“.

This unexpected disappearance leaves a void in all of us and who knows what he would have said or sung perhaps with his exciting humor, the very nice hat and his shorts.

The editorial team is close to his family for the great loss.

Rocco Becce

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