Drama Rita Pavone: “I didn’t tell anyone” | Great pain

The Italian singer Rita Pavone has recently had to face a painful personal drama linked to a death in the family. The sad announcement.

The painful mourning by Rita Pavone (Getty images)

Symbol of Italian music all over the world, Rita Pavone is now known as one of the best and most influential Italian artists. In her long artistic career, which began in the early 60s, Rita Pavone has published well 27 music albums, 7 of which in not in Italian but in a foreign language. Her success is amazing: the singer has sold well to date 50 million records!

What do we know about his private life? Rita Pavone was born in [1945 in Turin as a Fiat worker father and housewife mother. Third of four children, she entered the world of music still very young, thanks to the constant support of her father Giovanni. Last year the singer revealed of having suffered a serious death in the family: let’s see what happened.

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Rita Pavone and the painful drama: “IT’S it was hard “

Rita Pavone (Instagram)

Last year the famous Turin singer was a guest at Verissimo and on that occasion she told the drama that had hit her in that period. Rita Pavone has lost her younger brother, Cesare, who has been ill for some time. The singer told how as a child Cesare had suffered a little from the sense of abandonment by his parents: “At that age, I had exploded into the world of music“Explained Rita Pavone”and my mother was after me because I was not of age“.

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He fell ill in July 2018“Continued the singer,”and from there it didn’t matter to me anymore. I stayed close to him until the end“. Cesare had had health problems even as a child, in fact the Italian star explained: “As a child he had had polio, but by a miracle he recovered. We were poor, but very united and dignified“. The disappearance of her younger brother was a real drama for the singer, a very deep wound that marked her. “I haven’t told anyone, it’s about me and my family he has declared. ” IT’S it was tough because he was my younger brother. Now I’m recovering great, I’m recovering the desire to do “.


Drama Rita Pavone didnt Great pain

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