Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Capri with the 110 million euro yacht

The couple of the summer, who yesterday enchanted the Blue Island, strolling through the streets and shopping, arrived aboard the luxury yacht Valerie: the boat is 85 meters long, has 9 cabins that can accommodate up to 17 people, solarium, swimming pool, heliport. The cost? 110 million euros.

They have now come out into the open, after the insistent rumors about a flashback, and they are inevitably the couple of the summer 2021: they are Ben Affleck e Jennifer Lopez, which yesterday bewitched Capri, strolling through the streets of the Blue Island, shopping and enjoying a lunch in one of the restaurants in the center. THE Bennifer – this is how the couple was indicated at the time of their previous relationship, in the first half of the 2000s – they arrived in Capri aboard the luxury yacht Valerie: the boat flies the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an island state of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean and costs 110 million euros.

Spa, swimming pool, heliport: the luxury of the Valerie yacht

A prohibitive cost, within the reach of very few. But what justifies this price? The Valerie yacht it is 85 meters long: it has 9 cabins, equipped with every comfort, which can accommodate a total of 17 people. On board, there is also a spa, a 6-meter swimming pool and a heliport. The yacht was built in 2011 in the shipyards of Lurssen, a German company specializing in luxury boats: just think that the company has also launched North, the 142-meter mega yacht, with a submarine on board, spotted a few weeks ago right in the waters of Capri. The British company took care of the interior design Reymond Langton, while the exteriors were taken care of by Espen Oeino, a Monegasque company.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Capri, between photos and applause

As mentioned, Ben Affleck, two times Oscar winner and Jennifer Lopez, one of the most famous singers in the world, delighted all those who found them in the streets of Capri. Many residents and other tourists who have immortalized them with smartphones and welcomed them with applause as they passed.


Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Capri million euro yacht

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