Ignazio Boschetto and the crash diet | The bitter confession of the Il Volo singer

Ignazio Boschetto confessed that he started a very hard diet a long time ago. Here is what his greatest sacrifice is.

Well-known 26-year-old opera singer, Boschetto composes the legendary trio de The flight with Piero Barone e Gianluca Ginoble. The group has right away conquered the heart and the affections of thousands of listeners. The three were also the first in Italy to sign a record contract with the historic American label Geffen. After a long career, despite their very young age, they now have Ben assets six albums and four live. But you know what he had to do Ignazio Boschetto in these years?

Ignazio Boschetto’s diet: radical change

In all these years, the physical aspect of Ignatius is definitely much changed and the singer managed to achieve great results. As he confessed, the merit is attributable above all to his own drastic diet. Here’s what the singer confessed.

Boschetto has indeed decided to eliminate carbohydrates, thus declaring of do not eat pasta for at least four years. In addition, he obviously eliminated the pane and the pizza, although there have been some exceptions from time to time. The artist has in fact given priority above all to legumes, vegetables, fruit e fish (as it is rich in Omega three).

Ignatius also eats the Red meat once a week e never mixes proteins, For example meat e cheese. Obviously, this diet must be associated with a constant and excellent physical exercise, which allows him to lose weight as fast as possible. As can be seen from their official Instagram profiles, the three de The flight in fact, they dedicate themselves very consistently towork out.

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The private life of Ignazio Boschetto

Currently, the well-known singer should be single. In the past, however, he has had a number of relationships: first of all, with the student Alessandra Di Marzio.

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In the summer of 2020, Ignazio was instead photographed with Roberta Morise, presenter and showgirl, but their story has never been confirmed neither denial. Subsequently, Morise herself declared that she was engaged to the entrepreneur Giulio Fratini. At the moment, therefore, there is not much information on the Boschetto’s private life since the singer has always been a lot Reserved.

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