Monica Bellucci and daughter Deva: the exclusive interview

On September 30, 1964, when Monica Bellucci he came into the world, the world did not emit a shudder and rather thought of something else. At the funeral of Togliatti. To the first Beatles movie about the cult of celebrity: “A Hard Day’s Night”. To Martin Luther King visiting the Pope and to Ferrero who launched Nutella. Forty years later and sixteen years ago, however, when his eldest daughter Deva Cassel was born, the world knew immediately. The world “thought of her”. The media announced the event and for a moment we all tried to compose its features in mind, softened by a flash of probable absolute in a world where beauty and ugliness, now as then, were constantly exchanging places: the massacre of the Chechen terrorists in the Beslan school. The first rumors about a novelty called Facebook. Failure to ratify the European Constitution. Hopes for peace in the Middle East died together with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Deva: Sweatshirt with high collar in tulle, macramé lace skirt, woven eel sandals and laminated gloves. Monica: Stretch cady sheath dress. Everything, DOLCE & GABBANA. Leather pumps, ROGER VIVIER. Gloves, THOMASINE GLOVES and CAUSSE GANTIER. Photo by Paolo Roversi.

Everything flows so fast that both of their lives, both of their stories, seem equally distant. So much so that in the angry fading of the past, in its crushed perspective, they could be almost the same age. While in the ruthless acceleration of the present, the two are by now irreducible: on the one hand a puberty that is completing its hatching, on the other the most graceful of maturities that is fulfilled and finally subsides. Monica and Deva. Deva and Monica. Creatures now gathered in a photo studio in Paris in front of the 6×4.5 format Hasselblad’s Paolo Roversi, that Monica has photographed many times, while Deva never. The compensation that comes now, however, is great: together, no one had yet immortalized them. «Some time ago Monica showed me a photo on her cell phone and it was love at first sight. Deva has dreams and mystery in her face. Monica, on the other hand, has always seen and photographed her as “la Bellucci”, like a child who admires her projected on the big screen, as it happened to me as a boy with Lucia Bosè and the great divas », says the photographer. Monica and Deva, meanwhile, got out of the elevator. They have switched to makeup and now, in front of the lens, they would like to merge, vulcanize into each other. Monica in particular, would like him to death. He dreamed about it and talked about it at the table last night. But when the desired moment arrives, for some reason the fusion does not occur, the matter and the soul – even in this evident habit of caresses – are less permeable than expected. It is the law of life. The ineluctable principle of individualization: Deva is a young woman who breaks in, Monica a sacred body who has come today to make room for the affirmation of a new creature, and it is nice to see her do it with this proud Mediterranean naturalness learned by observing mothers, grandmothers and aunts lower the look. Deva and Monica. Monica and Deva.

Just Deva. “Honestly I imagined something different: her abandoned on my legs and our hair in the wind that became one”, Monica says in front of the bulletin board with all the looks: Dolce, Valentino, Armani, Dior, Scervino, Chanel. Ninety percent Italy, ten percent France, just like their bones. “Deva was born in Rome, and when we speak we generally don’t use French. Italian is his mother tongue ”, claims Bellucci, who, before accepting this photo shoot, wanted to talk about it with her second child Léonie, just 11 years old. Even Deva at one point seems almost annoyed: “I don’t know, I’m too detached, too serious”, she struggles, in front of a beautiful image in which in a certain sense she dominates, and unconsciously sees her own DNA freeing itself and sliding down from his shoulders like dust, and perhaps he is afraid of it. Monica protects and curiously observes this little suffering, understands and accompanies the torment of the passage. He even asked her why she wanted to do this photo shoot together, and Deva gave her a wonderful answer: because the last time they photographed us together I was in your belly (to photograph Monica in the seventh month was Fabrizio Ferri, ed). Now that I’m starting my journey, Mom, I want it to happen again. “And that’s exactly what I want for my daughter: breath, independence, air.”

The right. Asymmetrical cashmere sweater and silk sarong, MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION; Leather belt, ROGER VIVIER. Gloves, THOMASINE GLOVES and CAUSSE GANTIER. Photo by Paolo Roversi.

They still pose. Monica stretches her nose and mouth towards her daughter’s wavy locks, enjoys inhaling their perfume, and stretching her neck more and more voluptuously shows the platinum, onyx and emerald of a Cartier earring. In addition to some exclamation marks left on his skin by time. He looks at Roversi and says something almost imperceptible, accentuating the movement of his lips to keep the message secret: “Paolo, look at us, we are living flesh.” Pause. Monica wears a burgundy dressing gown while Deva plays with the Apple Music app in a white bathrobe. He approaches: «You and I don’t have fights, ever. I am a sweet mother, I always try to take it from the direction of the fur ». Suspensive dots. Back to the set. When Mom poses, Deva never comes to look. And vice versa, the same treatment. Even if Monica, crossing her in the corridor, on impulse abandons this little fair play and perhaps exaggerates a little: “Oh my, what is this girl!” She exclaims, making everyone turn and at the same time recording Deva’s disappointment, who looks at her a little grim, a little embarrassed, as she tries to loosen the grip on the throat of a Tudor collar by Dolce & Gabbana. Monica changes tone, gives her the stage with a “Love, that’s you now”, and leaves the set with an underlined gesture: “I don’t want to embarrass her, plus I know very well how she poses” she says proudly and sympathetically, a a bit of a keeper and a bit of a bow for this daughter-arrow who has already shot two campaigns and five international covers. And soon – the news has not yet been disclosed – he will become ambassador for the Christian Dior fashion house. Seeing the shots materialize on the computer is interesting and hermeneutic. Analyzing the comparison between Monica Bellucci’s interpretative awareness and that still astonished way that Deva has in being captured, as a fawn surprised among the leaves: “She is like this, always free, she has taken planes by herself since she was 13 and speaks five languages. Have you seen how she looks? He is not afraid of anything ».

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Opening photo. Monica Bellucci and the eldest daughter Deva in a shot by Paolo Roversi from this month’s cover story. Monica: satin sheath dress. Deva: satin sheath dress and earrings. All Dolce & Gabbana. Styling Ibrahim Kamara.

Read the full interview in the new issue of Vogue Italia on newsstands from 6 July

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