Books for the summer – Lodovico Savino: “Check the D Major”

Books for the summer – Lodovico Savino: “Check the D Major”
Books for the summer – Lodovico Savino: “Check the D Major”

The Premio Campiello 1999 by Giovani Lodovico Savino has been published again for the Aliberti publisher in eBook format – It takes place in Trentino

Title: Check to the D Major
Author: Lodovico Savino

publisher: Aliberti Publishing Company 2021
Format: EPUB con Light DRM

Compatibility: All devices (except Kindle)
EBook price: € 8,99

The new book by Lodovico Savino, former Campiello Giovani Prize in Venice in 1999, has been published by Aliberti publisher “Scacco al Re Maggiore”
Twenty years after the award, son of time found during the spring 2020 lockdown, Savino reopens the drawer where he kept the notebooks of notes and notes, and prints his new novel “Scacco al D major”.

The book tells about the friendship, the destiny, the problems of the forty-year-olds today, all in the shadow of the Trentino Dolomites, between the beaches of Lake Caldonazzo and the towns of the Cimbrian plateau, where the same author has chosen to live for the I work for a foreign multinational who moved from Emilia Romagna where he obtained a degree in Engineering.
Each chapter is punctuated by a rock song that gives it its title thus forming a compilation of timeless, metaphor of modern times unable to set strong values ​​or ideals, but subject to hit and run and the ephemeral of social media that often immortalize a modified reality and embellished.

A continuous reflection on the meaning of life in a race with destiny that accompanies each page up to the epilogue as pawns on a chessboard that take on importance only when they fully live their role.
Lodovico Savino graduated in management engineering but with a passion for writing since adolescence, he was born in Reggio Emilia in 1981. His classical studies helped him to cultivate his passion to the point that, in 1999, he was awarded as a finalist of the «Prize Campiello Giovani »in Venice.
After completing his university studies, in 2008 he moved to Trentino and here he professionally fulfilled himself, covering the role of sales engineer for a Japanese multinational.

Self-irony and never taking himself seriously are part of his way of being and, on the basis of these principles, he decides to write Scacco al Re Maggiore, ideally setting it in the village where he lives, Vigolo Vattaro, above the lakes and in front of the mountains.

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