Monica Bellucci: photo with her daughter Leonie, Deva Cassel’s little sister

Monica Bellucci with her younger daughter Leonie, born in 2010, photographed at Malpensa airport. Deva was also with them: their father is Vincent Cassel, Monica’s ex-husband. IPA photo

After Deva Cassel, Leonie … Monica Bellucci was photographed in Malpensa, a very sweet mother with her two daughters. Deva by now we know her more than well. He is a star of fashion and beauty, face Dolce & Gabbana exactly like mum.

Now, we know Leonie, the little sister. The second daughter Monica had from ex-husband Vincent Cassel. The most beautiful couple in world entertainment. Married from 1999 to 2013.

Monica Bellucci at the premiere of her latest film, Les Fantomes, in Paris. He has two daughters: Deva, whom we know well, and Leonie, whom we have “discovered” now… IPA photos

Monica Bellucci: who is Leonie

Leonie was born in Rome on May 21, 2010. Six years later his elder sister Deva (Rome, 12 September 2004). She too looks extraordinarily like mom. But also a little to Aunt Cécile, the singer / actress sister of dad Vincent.

monica bellucci leonie cassel

Mother and daughter in Malpensa

Leonie was the long long baby girl that the undersigned got to see at two months and a few days. Mom was by the sea, on the Roman coast. The undersigned was sent to interview her. At one point the babysitter appeared with a portable crib and this newborn baby, beautiful and very peaceful. “Very high” …

Very little is known about her. Exactly how Deva grew up in total and absolutely wanted by both parents respect for privacy. We basically never saw them, until the eldest started following in Mom’s footsteps. And the younger, in fact, has now been photographed.

Two very elegant Vikings

Grown up between Rome and Paris, following mum from one professional commitment to another, they are both perfectly bilingual. Interviewed, once mother let herself go to a “family confidence”: “They are two very elegant Vikings. They were both born in Rome and speak Italian ». He always considered them the luck of his life. She who had them at 39 and 45 years old …

Another time he added: “My daughters are my wings”… During the lockdown, he is said to have “protected” them by spending the hardest period of closure with them. Far from Paris, probably in Biarritz. Anyway in the Basque Coast, as he had written Madame Figaro. Not far from the father …

The beautiful post for Mother’s Day

He had told the magazine how he spent his days. Between the girls’ homework and remote lessons and her script study. “It’s a relatively simple daily life, made up of repeated rituals and gestures”, he explained. For Mother’s Day 2021, Monica shared the post below: beautiful! The one where he calls them “my angels”. And thanks them …

He then told the French magazine: “I am anxious. Is sad. How can you try something different when faced with a new, complex, terrible situation? I am obviously thinking of my country, Italy, the most affected in Europe. My family is fine, but they are all there, in Umbria and in the Como region, not to mention all my friends in Rome.


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Of course, we all live in fear, because the moment is serious. At the same time, however, I have full faith in medicine. I am convinced that we will find a cure and then a vaccine. They are on standby, in “airplane mode”. As Eduardo De Filippo says, “spend the night”. Which will likely be long and challenging, but it will necessarily lead to something new».

I live to love them

Of his daughters, Deva and Leonie, he had said: “They are my life. Motherhood? There is no one rule that applies to everyone. Everyone does as he wants and how he can, what I say is valid only for me. There are women who are fine without children, but what gives me value are my daughters. IS I am here to love them: this love, I am convinced, gives solidity to life. My daughters are the answers to all my questions. It was when they were born that I understood my reason for being on this Earth.

The days pass marked by the rhythm of my daughters. They follow the video lessons and I check them carefully. The rest of the time – and there is little of it – I read the scripts and learn the text of Letters and Memories by Maria Callas in Italian because I will bring this show to Italy too. For the rest, we are very respectful of the instructions: we don’t go out anymore».

Monica and the great return to the sets

In addition to Monica mom, there is Monica actress. That just received the special David. And that today more and more busy, between film sets and theatrical stages. In Rome, where he hadn’t shot since 2014, he finished filming The befana comes at night by Paola Randi. In Paris, he will resume reading Maria Callas’ most private letters, directed by Tom Wolf.

Monica becomes Maria Callas and Anita Ekberg

And then other sets. Before The Girl in the Fountain by Antongiulio Panizzi in which she, today’s diva, plays Anita Ekberg, the Swede who entered the myth thanks to Sweet life by Federico Fellini. The one who entered the legend walking in the Trevi fountain and shouting “Marcello, come here” to Mastroianni …

A “bath / journey” in the Cinecittà of the muses / myth: Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Silvana Mangano. Monica Vitti and Anna Magnani. “These are names that may not say anything to the younger generations. But as far as I’m concerned they were my first inspirers “, the actress said.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci è Anita Eckberg in The Girl in the Fountain

It arrives in French cinemas at the end of August Fantasies, a film about sexual fantasies that Monica has just presented in Paris and in which she is paired with another legend: Carole Bouquet.

The trailer for the film is below: get an idea …

On TV, between yesterday and today (and tomorrow)

And then Blurry Love, TV series for Canal + for which he found his colleague Romane Bohringer. With whom he had shot 26 years ago The apartment. His first French film. His partner at the time, Vincent Cassel. Its yesterday.

Deva and Leonie’s dad. Its today and its tomorrow …


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