At the public housing we had nothing but we had everything

At the public housing we had nothing but we had everything
At the public housing we had nothing but we had everything

In Italy he is considered the influencer of the moment, but his fame on social networks goes far beyond the borders of our country. Khaby Lame it is becoming a global social phenomenon, with 80 million followers following it on TikTok and more than 25 million on Instagram (where it has surpassed the former Italian number one, Chiara Ferragni); off the web scene he just appeared on the cover of J Balvin and Skrillex’s latest single, and is rumored to have a planned collaboration with Hollywood star Will Smith. In short, his rise seems to never stop, but he is still the same easy-going guy who started publishing videos on TikTok now a year ago: he demonstrated it by answering the Google questions that asked him in this video.

The origins

To intrigue those looking for Khaby Lame on search engines there is certainly everything concerning the origins of the tiktoker, from the place of birth to that of residenza: “I was born in Senegal but I grew up in the public housing in Via Togliatti, in Chivasso. There I never had problems with racism, we were very close. Even if we had nothing, we had everything”.

Personal life

Khaby also covered numerous aspects of his personal life: from citizenship “I don’t have it yet, but I’ve been here for 20 years and I already feel Italian” al work “I’ve done several, from the window cleaner to the waiter”, passing through the affections. “My blood family is made up of 7 people, but in the extended one, that of public housing, we are 40. I’m with Zaira, my girlfriend: I also feel sincerely lucky to have had a person like her before all this “.

The relationship with the followers

In the daily life of the tiktoker there is now also the relationship with a following that now counts tens of millions of people. “Without them I am nobody first of all, I give them a big hello. I thank them very much for the support they are giving me.” An ironic greeting, however, also went to the haters: “They are the number one fans. They are always looking for you. Who loves you more than a hater?”.

All the curiosities

Khaby Lame fans flooded the search engine with inquiries about several curiosities that the boy satisfied in sequence: his relationship with the japanese anime, with the religion and with overtaking on Chiara Ferragni in the social follower count; the clips he posted on YouTube before becoming famous with TikTok, the relationship with Del Piero and with his own success. When asked “How did he do it”, Khaby replied: “Always keep your head up and don’t let yourself be held back by the limitations of others. When people tell you that you will never get to a certain point, they are projecting their own limits on you. Those who listen to these people let themselves be conditioned by the limits of others and do not try to overcome their own “.


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