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Costantino Vitagliano, family mourning for the former tronista of Men and Women

Serious mourning in the family for Costantino Vitagliano. In fact, the former tronista of Men and Women mourns the disappearance of his beloved father: what happened.

Mourning for the former tronista of Men and Women (via Screenshot)

Important announcement for Costantino Vitagliano, who on his social networks announced the death of his father Orazio. The man suddenly disappeared at the end of May, exactly two years after the death of the former tronista’s mother. Costantino, on his social channels, also announced that he will soon be going to Caudina Valley to scatter the ashes of one’s loved one. In fact, the town is also the town of origin of the two parents.

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In fact, two years have passed since the disappearance of mother Rosina, the most important woman in his life together with daughter Ayla. In a recent interview, speaking of mother Rosina, Costantino declared: “It is the woman who he gave me so many things as a child. I have combined many, but it has always supported me. His death was a very strong thing and I can’t stop thinking about it. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I felt like a nobody“.

Costantino Vitagliano and panic attacks after the death of his mother: the revelation

The former tronista during an interview with Verissimo (via screenshot)

Precisely because of his mother’s death, Vitagliano he had started suffering from panic attacks. In a recent interview, the man claimed to have been caught against time by these attacks. In fact, the former tronist thought he had learned to control his panic attacks, but from the death of mother Rosina the situation had changed slightly. In fact, the mother had a strong protective instinct towards him.

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Costantino recalled how his mother lived for her children. In addition, Rosina often reminded him not to get hurt as he was a child of many messes. Just remembering the anecdotes as a child Vitagliano stated: “I have had very serious accidents where it is due to come to see me in the recovery room, I made him go through all the colors. He loved me madly“. Another serious pain therefore for Costantino, who after the mourning of his mother will have to overcome the mourning of father Orazio.


Costantino Vitagliano family mourning tronista Men Women

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