Men and women, flirting between former suitors: all the clues

Instagram never lies: the social clues of two former men and women suitors give the idea of ​​a flirtation more than started

Sammy Hassan e Irene Casartelli (@Instagram)

Social networks have facilitated the work of the gossip world. The clues of Instagram never lie – or almost – and that is why the most attentive fans have not missed a very particular detail. The former suitor of Men and women, Sammy Hassan – known for his descent to the dating show for the tronista Giovanna Abate – has published a number of ambiguous stories.

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A first story portrays him driving towards an unspecified destination, accompanied by the writing ‘Happy Hour‘, immediately after in a second story we see a female hand and a suspicious heart. The third story on Instagram shows the former suitor on the beach, in sweet company, on the notes of Shallow.

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Men and women, the clues do not lie: the new flirtation between Sammy and Irene

Sammy Hassan e Irene Casartelli (@Instagram)

If it is true that two clues are proof, then it is also true that between the two former suitors there is a tender one who is just waiting to be out in the open, in due time. The beauty of Irene, former suitor of Aldo Palmeri e Tommaso Scala, even then struck the majority of the male audience, without going unnoticed.

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For more, Irene e Sammy they shared another experience, besides that of ad suitors Men and women: both have been tempting Temptation Island. Common interests and programs, a good fish-based dinner, is there anything else to add?


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