Alessia Macari in the Maldives with Oliver as on honeymoon

June 14, 2021 11:37 am

Images with a high erotic rate for the showgirl and the footballer

In costume or evening dresses, in gymnastic or sportswear, the Macari is always amazing and her overflowing décolleté and her dizzying curves keep followers glued to the screen. The likes rain and the compliments are wasted and Alessia enjoys turning her head. In the arms of Oliver is a crash and between the two the passion is skyrocketing. “All I can imagine, I want to do with you” writes the football player accompanying a photo in which the couple exchange passionate kisses. “You are the king of my heart” she replies in a Stories. The beach for them is an earthly paradise …


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Alessia Macari Maldives Oliver honeymoon

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