BEAUTIFUL from 20 to 26 June 2021, advance advances

BEAUTIFUL from 20 to 26 June 2021, advance advances
BEAUTIFUL from 20 to 26 June 2021, advance advances

Advances weekly bets Beautiful gives Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 June 2021: Quinn inserts the video shot by Shauna (who in the meantime is preparing to return to Las Vegas). The video nails Brooke and Bill as they kiss and is uploaded to the digital frame that Ridge gave to Brooke.

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When Ridge turns on the digital frame to show everyone present the memories of their long relationship, Brooke can do nothing more to stop him: Quinn has now uploaded the video of the kiss between her and Bill in the digital frame that Ridge gave to Brooke!

When the video of the kiss between Bill and Brooke is shown, it is chaos: Katie and Ridge are enraged and humiliated. Ridge punches Bill in the face. Brooke’s attempts to justify herself have no effect: they are all upset and Ridge tells her that the two of them are over forever.

Shauna intends to go back to Vegas as she loves Ridge and thinks he will go back to being with Brooke. Flo tries to change her mind, but Shauna confesses that she saw the kiss between Bill and Brooke.

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In the digital frame that Ridge gave Brooke, Quinn wants to insert the video where Brooke kisses Bill! Quinn, for her part, intends to enjoy the scandal of the forbidden kiss between Brooke and Bill in front of all the guests. But that’s exactly what Brooke tries to avoid in a long run-in with Quinn.

Ridge and Brooke decide to celebrate their reconciliation with the whole family. Quinn inserts Shauna’s video of Brooke and Bill kissing into the digital frame Ridge gave Brooke.

The whole family has witnessed the humiliation of Brooke who, accused by Quinn, cries and continues to ask Ridge for forgiveness. But both Katie and Ridge are shocked by this betrayal.

Shauna, not knowing what is happening, is saying goodbye to her daughter Flo before leaving for Las Vegas, also telling her about the video she shot and how she would never show it to Ridge (with whom she is now in love) so as not to make him suffer. .

While Shauna reiterates to Flo that she doesn’t want to show Ridge the video of the kiss between Bill and Brooke so as not to hurt him, Quinn has no qualms about it. And when Ridge, embittered, comes home, she tells him to run to Shauna because she’s the woman who can make him happy! To stay up to date on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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