Friends 2021, Martina and Raffaele in love: the kiss on Instagram

Friends 2021, Martina and Raffaele in love: the kiss on Instagram
Friends 2021, Martina and Raffaele in love: the kiss on Instagram

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Martina and Raffaele they are in love: to confirm it a kiss appeared on the Instagram profile of the dancer who decided to come out and live in the light of only the new love. After Friends 2021 and the end of the love story with Aka7even, Martina is linked to the singer for whom she left her ex.

During the experience ad Friends 2021 in fact Martina had started a relationship with Aka7even. A difficult relationship, marked by a continuous push and pull and the indecision of the dancer who in the end had decided to end the bond. In fact, Martina confessed that she felt something for Raffaele, another competitor of the show and friend of Aka7even.

Months later and after the end of Maria De Filippi’s program, the dancer and the singer decided to give their love a chance. Raffaele flew to Sardinia to embrace Martina and the two have made the love story official. On Instagram they first posted a couple photo, commenting “Without limits”, then that of a kiss in the Stories. “I believe that in life each of us is free to make his own choices,” wrote Martina, defending herself from attacks.

In fact, some fans do not forgive the girl for the decision to leave Aka7even and start a love story with Raffaele, her colleague and friend. “If Aka hadn’t been there, would Martina have had hopes with me? Maybe I do not know! – Raffaele had admitted to Verissimo -. We spoke after we went out, I’m fine she’s fine ”.

“I did not want her to suffer, there was not only an infatuation – the dancer had instead clarified, speaking of the ex -. He stayed with me in bad times and in good times. Today a good relationship remains, I wish him the best “.

For its part, Aka7even seems determined to forget the past. After the end of Friends 2021 he explained that he wanted to go on: “With Martina the question is closed and I think we understand, right? It is a closed question, everyone has their own life and will follow their own path ”. In the meantime, however, he stopped following both the ex-girlfriend and the singer on Instagram, without commenting on what happened.

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